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  • A-Life-of-Faith-Action

    A Life of Faith Action

    by Carl H. Stevens Introduction Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus challenging the legalistic rituals of the religion of those days, a religion in which...

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    M is for Mission

    God loves people more than anything. His love moves us to reach out and gather all to His table of grace. Whosoever will may come!...

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    Water and Wine, Life and Love

    The first recorded miracle of Jesus happened at a wedding, in Cana near Nazareth, where Christ grew up. Just as the reception reached full swing,...

  • every once in a while in your life you reach a decision point. a crossroad leading left or right. you can not look far enough to make the perfect step, but you have to decide anyways. is it left or right? or even turning back?

    Commitment Is a Decision

    "People get weary and exhausted in what they do because they make commitments without taking up their cross. "

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    In Between

    Could be my life is non-productive today due to a previous lack of digging the dirt, planting a seed, nurturing a son or daughter, planning...