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    Extracting the Sweetness

    Spared the Heartache? We can’t dismiss the need for discipline, focus, enduring in times when things seem to be quite impossible. We will have many...

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    Fear Factors and Faith that Floats

    Fear does strange things to us. It has to; because it is something we were not made for. Read Genesis 3. There we discover original...

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    A New You

    Religion for a dead man is like putting lipstick on a corpse. It might look better, but it's still expired.

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    Jesus and His Answers for Our ‘Good’

    He came to Jesus; he saw Jesus as “good” and he wanted something he thought Jesus had to offer. “What must I do to inherit...

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    Called to the King’s Table

    King Jesus is preparing a feast for His bride, which is His Church. All are invited to the feast, yet many are crippled - They...