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Eternal Starvation

What is God’s attitude? It is an attitude of Love that invites everyone to come to the supper. God sends the Spirit to minister personally to us as the king had sent his servants. He is a personal God calling us into the fellowship of His dear Son (1 Corinthians 1:9, Colossians 1:13). Those whom He calls He has chosen. He calls, turns, regenerates, and baptizes them into a Body. He stands with His Church and not with the professing Kingdom. Paul clearly knew that, besides rejecting Christ, the next greatest sin was persecuting the Church of Christ (Acts 9:l-22). He called himself the least, simply because of his previous attitude toward the Church (1 Corinthians 15:9).

In this parable, the king was wroth and sent forth his armies to destroy the murderers. The Church is saved by Christ, and He does not want His servants touched. It is God’s Church. Those who won’t eat the message of grace become deceived in their attitude toward others. They take on the attitude of the enemy, devouring, attacking, and persecuting those who have heard the message, received it with faith, and now live in grace. It is not what people do that is the issue. Sin is not the issue. It is what people fail to receive by not accepting the invitation of grace. There is no more sacrifice for them, meaning that there is no sacrifice that makes them accepted before God except the One Sacrifice, Christ the Lamb, eternally slain. People are not made worthy by what they do, but by Whom they receive through an invitation of grace.

Carl H. Stevens

Carl H. Stevens

(1929-2008) pastored and established thriving churches and Bible colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. He also helped pioneer Christian talk radio through Telephone Time and the Grace Hour and authored nearly 500 books and booklets. See also the Carl H Stevens Memorial Site
Carl H. Stevens

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