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One Willed to Others

God wants us to experience the inheritance given to us by a will broken at Calvary through the Blood. God has willed toward us and for us, and we experience that will as God breaks it and gives it to His people. In order for a person to have knowledge of the will being broken, the One who gives the will must die. At His death, His will is not left to the dead but is given to those who are alive.

The will of Christ never means very much to the many who live in death. No one who is dead has ever been blessed physically by His will. People who are dead in concepts will never enjoy the will of God. The will of God is given to those who are alive. The Holy Spirit has revealed the application of this Blood in the New and Old Covenants. The Blood of the Old Covenant sanctified the people to the purifying of the flesh. The Blood of the New Covenant purges the inner conscience from dead works to serve the Living God, through the will revealed. In the Old Covenant, the Blood counted, but people were not conscious of it. In the New Covenant, people still live without any consciousness of what it means to have it. They never enter into the freedom of a conscience purged from dead works.

Living in spiritual death, they either experience frustration when they try to do works, or they do not try at all because of the expected end of bondage to self. The Blood offering means nothing more to them than in the Old Testament.

Carl H. Stevens

Carl H. Stevens

(1929-2008) pastored and established thriving churches and Bible colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. He also helped pioneer Christian talk radio through Telephone Time and the Grace Hour and authored nearly 500 books and booklets. See also the Carl H Stevens Memorial Site
Carl H. Stevens

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