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The Words of the Author

Mix faith when you hear the Word. The Word transcends over all and you are quickened into the height of Heaven.

The Spirit wrote the Book, and when we are baptized into the Spirit we are baptized into the Book. Many look for other evidences of the Spirit than the fruit of Galatians 5:22, which is the direct result of the filling of the Spirit. The filling of the Spirit comes as we obey the Word in faith (Acts 10:44). As one is quickened with the Word, he is also quickened in the Spirit. Our human spirit is lit with the Holy Spirit through the extension of God’s authority in the Word. It divides us from our natural thoughts and lifts us into a mind that has thoughts higher than ours.

Be baptized into the Word of the Author and not into the emotions of Adam. The Holy Spirit breathed into man the breath of life and inspired men to write the Word by baptizing them into the quickening power of God’s thoughts. Men may try to generate their own solutions, but they will profit nothing in the end result. The mind of man must be regenerated into a mind not his own. The thoughts of God have produced habits which always cause God’s character to be expressed in all his ways. The essence of God’s cause, which is love, has caused man through perfect constraint to be eternally effective in the records of Heaven.

Carl H. Stevens

Carl H. Stevens

(1929-2008) pastored and established thriving churches and Bible colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. He also helped pioneer Christian talk radio through Telephone Time and the Grace Hour and authored nearly 500 books and booklets. See also the Carl H Stevens Memorial Site
Carl H. Stevens

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