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Roll Your Cares on Him

“Therefore I tell you, stop being perpetually uneasy (anxious and worried) about your life” (Matthew 6:25a, Amplified). There is no greater cancer in our society than the disease of worrying – being anxious. Some people worry when things are going well, and they worry when things are not going well. God views this as sin. The American College Dictionary defines worry as “to feel anxious.” The believer has someone upon whom he can cast his concerns, his cares, his burdens. Our burden bearer is Christ, not the escape mechanism of drugs, alcohol, people or things of this world. We as believers, have a clear Biblical mandate “Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything” (Philippians 4:6, Amplified). We are to cast “the whole of your care – all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all – on Him; for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you; watchfully'” (I Peter 5:7, Amplified). The word “cast” in the Greek means “to roll.” Let all of your worries and burdens roll off your shoulders and on to Christ! He will support you.

“(I will) not, (I will) not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake, nor let (you) down (relax my hold on you).” “The Lord is my Helper, I will not be seized with alarm – I will not fear or dread or be terrified” (Hebrews 13:5b, 6b, Amplified).

Carl H. Stevens

Carl H. Stevens

(1929-2008) pastored and established thriving churches and Bible colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. He also helped pioneer Christian talk radio through Telephone Time and the Grace Hour and authored nearly 500 books and booklets. See also the Carl H Stevens Memorial Site
Carl H. Stevens

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