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Amen and Amen

A fifty-nine-year-old woman, her face wrinkled and pale, was in the fourth stage of cancer. She prayed, "God, I'm not ready to die. I don't want to die now. And I don't believe you are giving me grace to die now."

She began a regimen of eating cancer-fighting foods, taking medicinal organic supplements, and drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day. In three months, her cancer was gone. Today, she is completely healed.

Do you know what she and her husband are saying all the time now? "Amen, Amen! We have faith in His nature. Everything is fulfilled in Him and by Him. Every promise is clothed with conviction of truth. All the promises are yea, and in Him, Amen!"

God's Word is full of "Amens."

Jesus told us to have faith in God and that faith would move mountains. The mountains in our lives are subject to our prayers. A simple "Amen" can make all the difference.

Let's hear the Word of God, be built up in our holy faith, and trust Him to help our unbelief so that we can answer every situation with "Yea, and Amen."

Carl H. Stevens

Carl H. Stevens

(1929-2008) pastored and established thriving churches and Bible colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. He also helped pioneer Christian talk radio through Telephone Time and the Grace Hour and authored nearly 500 books and booklets. See also the Carl H Stevens Memorial Site
Carl H. Stevens

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