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Baltimore: Where Two Seas Meet

Baltimore, she’s a place where two seas meet . Neither North nor South, neither Washington nor New York. She is raw and real; her heart’s always out on her sleeve. This means it gets broken often, but she seems to be able to survive that.

Baltimore, she loves hard and long, she argues hard and long, and she fights hard and long.

Tried and Tested

Baltimore, she’s been challenged, tested, and wrecked in big, big ways and in very small ways. In 1861, the Union Army erected a fort on Federal Hill and aimed cannons at the central business district, ensuring that the city would not turn Confederate. She also had her beloved football team stolen away under the cover of darkness. That’s a triviality to some, but not to those who grew up in her.

Baltimore, she's died and yet she's alive. She toughs things out, though the rides are often rough and tumble. Click To Tweet

Baltimore, she’s died and yet she’s alive. She toughs things out, though the rides are often rough and tumble. Yet, she lives and because she lives so does this nation. From 1812 to 1814, Britain warred to reestablish dominion in North America and restrict trade and shipping. Washington itself was captured and set ablaze.

Baltimore, with Fort McHenry, was next, enduring a 25-hour naval bombardment. The flag, as the anthem declares, was “still there” at morning and the United States of America is still here.

Baltimore, too, is still here this morning.

And she’s feeling battered and worn out and a bit embarrassed today. Her civic inferiority complex does resurface now and again. How can it not? After all, it’s not so easy being a gritty city positioned between two of the most significant and elegant metropolises on earth.

City of Contradictions

To this day, Baltimore remains a somewhat baffling collection of contradictions. She’s calloused and hyper-sensitive all at once. She’s loyal to a fault; in her beats a tender heart hopelessly devoted to the things she holds dear.

Baltimore, she’s pretty here and not so pretty there. And, yet, she lives and will go on living as long as enough will stay and pray that God will shed His grace and peace on her.

Talk on. Mock on. Sneer and jeer. Baltimore, she can take it — though she likely won’t take it quietly. She’s never afraid to speak her mind.

Baltimore, she is ours and she’s worth keeping.

She’s still home.



Steve Andrulonis

Steve Andrulonis

Spent more than 25 years as a newspaper reporter and editor before entering full-time ministry in 2006. He assists the Senior Pastor of Greater Grace, helps to manage church services, coordinates the Grace Hour radio broadcast, and teaches at Maryland Bible College and Seminary and Greater Grace Christian Academy.
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