What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

Proverbs 18:21 states that death and life reside in the power of the tongue. We too often live below our privileges in expressing tender words in human relationships, words that impart the quickening power of the life of God to one another. I once had the opportunity of riding in a van with a group of believers on the way to an outreach and heard a father and his seven-year-old daughter in a competitive exchange of words as they expressed their father-daughter love language through terms of endearment. They sought to outdo each other in expressing their mutual love through the power of tender words. It left a lasting impression on me.

The Power of a Father’s Words

I thought of my own dad who is in heaven now, but his expression of tenderness through words keeps my relationship with him very much alive and keeps my heart longing to see him again as I look forward to that heavenly reunion.

My favorite verbal expression of tenderness from my dad are in these words: “my little putchkaninny.” Do you know what a putchkaninny is? Neither do I! Though never defined by him, behind those words were the tenderest expression of fatherly love. A war veteran of many years, and through much pain and suffering in his life, he grew more and more mellow with the advancement of years, and his tender heart was often revealed through words.

The Power of The Father’s Words

If this is true for an earthly father, how much more is it a reality when we think of our perfect Heavenly Father, the father of spirits? Think of his proclamation at the Son’s inception of his public, earthly ministry. Think of all the ways he could have introduced the Son from heaven, as there are over 200 names and titles of Christ given in the Bible, yet the Father chose to introduce him to the watching world in this way: “…this is my beloved [Greek AGAPETOS] Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” (Mt. 17:5). He is the Father’s beloved son, his sole, unique Son, the son of his love. The same Son who the Father delivered up for us all (Rom. 8:32) is the same Son who is beloved beyond all others.

He is the Father’s beloved son, his sole, unique Son, the son of his love. Click To Tweet

Perhaps you haven’t had the blessing of receiving tender words from a kind father, from a loving mother, or from a compassionate spouse. Do not let that be a cause for despair. If you are a child of our Heavenly Father through the new birth, the Spirit of God in you is crying out, “Abba,” or “Daddy” in Romans 8:15. And through quieting your soul as a weaned child, you will hear the still small voice of the One who shepherds you. Hear him call you his beloved. He calls us his beloved as his precious Body in anticipation for the coming day when we will be his beautiful Bride.

There is nothing on earth that can compare to the love of our Heavenly Father. Click To TweetThere is nothing on earth that can compare to the love of our Heavenly Father. His CHESED words, his words of lovingkindness reach down into the very crevices of our hearts and serve to root us and ground us in his love. The remembrance of one tender word from someone you love has the power to carry you through a night season. The Father’s love relationship with the Son as his “Beloved” must have been the Son’s treasure in his darkest hour (Is. 45:3).

Sweet to the Taste

Job 34:3 indicates that the ear tries words as the palate tastes food. The taste of “love words” satisfies the deepest hungers of the human heart. Live in the privilege of having a Heavenly Father. Live in the privilege of being the future bride of Christ.  Take time today to “taste” his love words for you. Take time to quiet your soul as his weaned daughter and hear him call you his beloved.


Karen Pevac

Karen Pevac

Karen is a women's bible study teacher and an investor in women. She earned her first bachelor's degree in business administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her second bachelor's degree in Missions was from Maryland Bible College and Seminary. She has traveled to numerous countries on short-term missions trips and loves to actively engage in sharing her faith both here and abroad.
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    Holly Mooney says

    What a blessing, Karen. Came across this in the course of my morning devotional. How lovely to meditate on the reality I am His beloved. Thank you.

    • Reply
      Karen Pevac says

      Thanks, Holly. The fact that you have a morning devotional shows you have the spiritual discipline of meeting God every morning.

  2. Reply
    Suzette says

    Beautiful. Intimately knowing Him and thereby way He speaks to us, gently and peaceably, we’re able to discern and dismiss the stranger’s voice.

    • Reply
      Karen Pevac says

      Thanks, Suzette.

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    Delores says

    It made me think that God would take care of all things; and that I would see my father again. What amazing sensitivity you have, dear Karen.

    • Reply
      Karen Pevac says

      Learning to rest in his divine care is part of the classroom of Christ.
      Lots of love to you, Delores.

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