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The Steady, Forward Work of the Gospel

Summer Greetings from Nicaragua!

March and April are the hottest time of the year here which means the work is a little slower, but we are still moving forward. Our weekly outreaches continue to different cities with many on the streets wanting to get to know our Savior. Church meetings have kept going and many hungry children are being fed physically and spiritually.

Below are pictures of our outreaches in Jinotepe and Diriamba.


We love having visitors! They always bring us fresh air and a lot of edification! A couple of months ago Pastor Tom and Ligia Smith visited us from Culpeper, Virginia. We didn’t really know them so well before their visit, but in just a couple of days, they were like family to us. They visited ourunnamed-3 church and also a feeding program in Barrio Hugo Chavez here in Managua. Our assistant Pastor, Jose Maria, has been ministering to this neighborhood for some years now. He also has another feeding program in a neighborhood called Lomas de Guadalupe, and a church in Somoto (closer to the border of Honduras). For only $60 we are able to feed about 100 children. If you have been supporting us financially, a lot of your money has been going to these feeding programs. What a blessing you are! Thank you.




Another amazing visitor who just left us about a week ago, and who was a great blessing to us, was Pastor Mike Stevens. Pastor Mike is the pastor of our church in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since we don’t really have a team here in Nicaragua, it has been such a blessings to have Pastor Mike and his wife, Sue, so close to us (“only” 10 hours by bus). Thank you guys for being such great and edifying friends! We could not have been here without you.

— Ken and Kiti Davis


Church meetings have kept going and many hungry children are being fed physically and spiritually. Click To Tweet


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