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Brothers and The Book

We came together, and we felt burdened for this generation. We recognized afresh our calling as a group chosen for this time. It was a joy and wakeup call for our hearts, minds, and spirits.

More than 80 men – pastors and leaders from Greater Grace ministries – retreated to Eddy Farm in Sparrow Bush, N.Y., by the Delaware River earlier this month. Men from across the Northeast U.S., from Texas and Ohio and Illinois, from Mexico and Sweden, came to this unusual and lovely spot, a place where cell phone and internet connectivity is minimal. It was something of a blessing to be a bit detached from the details of life and to commune with like-minded and spiritual warriors.

Our hearts are stirred to lead people into love for the Bible. Click To Tweet

Here, we talked and prayed and feasted – and we sang. One highlight was an afternoon walk through the Eddy Farm golf course. We huddled in the middle of a fairway, heard encouraging and challenging words, and paired up for a season of intercession.


We sensed the urgency of our hour for the nation and the world and dedicated seasons in the morning, afternoon, and evening to prayer. We brought names and faces before the Lord. The expectation and visitation of the Lord was strong among us. Many of us really enjoyed the 7-8:00 a.m. prayer time and the singing that followed – with loud, deep voices.

Open Bibles and open hearts ruled the atmosphere. Many of our discussions focused on the power of anointed messages to touch people. We also considered the necessity for pastors to allow the Spirit to develop deep devotional practices. And, we talked about how to face and resolve conflicts and how to forgive and, perhaps more importantly, how to ask for forgiveness.

We are so grateful for Anthony and Izonia Wright, the owners of the Eddy Farm Retreat and Conference Center. Their vision and the gracious commitment of the center’s staff are so appreciated.


We came away from these “Selah” moments with revived spirits and fresh perspec
tives. These are no hours for dead messages and ministrations from the flesh. The need is for us to be real and responsible and this will draw people who want the real and the responsible.

Our hearts are stirred to lead people into love for the Bible, to share in their challenges and pains, and to encourage them in the liberty, freedom, and security of the love of God.


Thomas Schaller

Thomas Schaller

A pastor and missionary for more than 40 years, Pastor Schaller led the establishment of thriving churches and Bible schools in Finland in 1975 and Hungary in 1990. In April 2005, he was named Presiding Elder and Overseeing Pastor of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. Full bio here
Thomas Schaller

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