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  • Arrested-by-Love

    Arrested by Love

    Can you imagine the things that King Solomon was a prisoner to? If you read Ecclesiastes chapters 1 and chapter 2, seven times Solomon says...

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    The Secret Remedy for Shame

    Hope means nothing to us unless contrasted in hopelessness. Our existence and it's shame abide synonymous..

  • ladies-visit[1]

    What is a Missionary, and am I One?

    As I sat with a few ladies in the home of one the women in our church, laughing and crying and sharing life, I couldn’t...

  • genie-lamp[1]


    Samson and Solomon were similar in that both, through their careless hearts, yielded to their base natures. Unlike Samson, who told a riddle and tried...

  • Lentil Soup

    Our Birthright and Matters of the Heart

    When we read Bible stories about Esau, there’s a lot to recommend about him. He is skillful with the bow and an able hunter. The...