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    Don’t Walk, Run!!

    So fellow runners. Let’s take Paul’s sound advice. Don’t walk but Run! from fornication, idolatry, greed and youthful lusts and run after Jesus the author...

  • How to Make the Impossible Possible

    Some leaders have monetized faith, exhorting believers to speak material blessings into being, as if The Lord was a genie waiting to grant our every...

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    God’s Heart for Christian Education

    In Luke 6:40, Jesus told his disciples that “everyone who is perfectly trained will become like his teacher.” This verse is a good reason for...

  • Samson_and_Delilah_(Cranach_the_Younger)

    Needed: A Foundation for Faithfulness

    By appearances, Samson was a man powerfully touched by God. The book of Judges relates to us the life of Samson and paints a conflicted...

  • Building-Walls-of-Doctrine

    Building Walls of Doctrine

    For some people, walls mean confinement, with no way out. In Bible times, however, walls were for preservation of cities against attacks from the outside