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    Beyond Feeling and Sight

    Jesus sent off His disciples to get them away from the crowd. He had just fed 5,000 men and their families from five loaves and...

  • Designed For Victory Boxing Victory01

    Designed for Victory

    Enter into a response with God. Fulfill your design by going on in victory.

  • JackPiri4[1]

    Jack Phiri

    His eyes are always filled with compassion (I guess after having ten children in one of the poorest places on earth you might learn a...

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    Making the Most of Our Minds

    His name is George, and he has no place to lay his head. He “lives” in a park in Dundalk, a community situated just outside...

  • Defining The Warfare Against Relationships HID IN CHRIST

    Defining the Warfare Against Relationships

    At times, the warfare against us makes it so hard to believe that we are complete. Think in spiritual revelation, illumination, and...