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  • Atmospheric-Cycles

    Atmospheric Cycles

    Bringing mankind into the realm of truth is the most difficult task for God to perform in our midst. Often when God is moving in...

  • 12

    The Fields of Death in Cambodia Transformed into Living Fields

    Words of life are taking root in a place long known for death — the nation of Cambodia. Pastors Gary Groenewold and Steve DeVries spent...

  • iStock_looking-through-eye-glasses

    Truth, Reality and Influence

    Recently, one of our Academy teachers and Bible College students went to a local university with a sign that said, “Is truth absolute?”

  • grapes

    The Song of Love and the Glory of Trust

    Song of Solomon falls in a particularly important place in our Bibles. It comes nearly right in the middle of things, just after Ecclesiastes and...

  • A-Mind-to-Work

    A Mind to Work

    First, God finished the work of creation, then Jesus finished the work of redemption then God finished the work of his plan for mankind, angels...