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    Discover Your Cross

    God allows things to happen in our lives so we can have the privilege of fellowshipping with His resurrection

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    Shining Refugees Percieve Home

    Accumulate enough substance to stay We moved out here and have accumulated enough substance to stay. This is our separation, our disjointing, our escape, our harbor...

  • Makedonija

    Find the Fantastic

    Look Around What is more magical: a beanstalk that reaches to the clouds or a stalk that produces beans? An enchanted apple that puts the...

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    Store Truth to Face Famine

    The story of Joseph in Genesis turned on dreams. And, as a result, so did the history of Israel and all of human history for...

  • People in the form of  church.

    Communion Within the Church

    we must recognize that every single member of the Body is a particular member, put in place by God, sharing a portion of the whole,...