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  • Ireland

    “A Wee Thought” about Ireland

    10 Short Days and God’s Fingerprints As I look back on my ten short days in Ireland and Northern Ireland, I can’t help but to...

  • Mammon[1]

    Quirks of Men

    A quirk of psyche Was Jesus ever sad? Isaiah 42:4 prophetically shows Him unfailing and un-discouraged, but, in chapter 53, He was a man of...

  • sheep-and-2-lambs

    In Care of Pregnant Sheep

    “My sheep hear My Voice,” so said Jesus in John 10. He made this statement to the Jewish religious leaders who hounded Him. They demanded...

  • Digging Ditches By Faith Holes In the Ground01

    Digging Ditches by Faith

    Our ditches are not something we dig with a spade.......Our faithfulness to do this will always bring the victory.

  • 6995551815_933369fd02_b

    Beyond Feeling and Sight

    Jesus sent off His disciples to get them away from the crowd. He had just fed 5,000 men and their families from five loaves and...