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  • bringing purpose to temptation

    Bringing Purpose to Temptation

    The temptations raged all around Christ, but Jesus always responded with "It is written." Satan had to leave because he could not resist Jesus' defense,...

  • NZ

    Beyond All Price

    Land of the Long White Cloud We left Baltimore, MD, on Friday, August 12th, and returned Tuesday, August 30th. This trip was one for the...

  • 10965665806_b4ffa33c61_b

    First Words of Love

    God’s first words of love to man come to us in a most unusual setting. I find it in Genesis 3 – the Fall chapter....

  • discover-your-cross-04b-img_0036

    Discover Your Cross

    God allows things to happen in our lives so we can have the privilege of fellowshipping with His resurrection

  • Road_2_illumination_02[1]

    Shining Refugees Percieve Home

    Accumulate enough substance to stay We moved out here and have accumulated enough substance to stay. This is our separation, our disjointing, our escape, our harbor...