Convention 2018 – Wednesday AM

Speaker(s):  Pastor Ben Turkya, Pastor Franko, Pastor Mihael & Pastor Scibelli
Sermon # 11496-14
10:30 AM on 6/27/2018


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    Ged Valaitis says

    I’ve been studying the beginning of Pastor Ben’s message: He says, another name for love is Father, and what a privilege to be His children.
    He said, the way of love is so perfect, our eyes can’t see it, it is clouded from our perception.
    In presenting love this way, Pastor Ben’s words challenged us to reach for it by faith; not by our perception. Making me think of 1John 4:10; herein is love, not that we love God, but that He first loved us…
    P Ben goes on to say; the Father’s Love is allways working towards us, even if we don’t allways perceive it, it is through the gospel that we receive His love, and we pour it back to God, and the overflow ministers to others…
    I love how Pastor Been communicated the most excellent way, in the first minute of his talk, as I paraphrased here.

    We did receive so much love personally from our Father this convention, and the words of grace are still reverberating, and changing us.

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