Eurocon 2018 – Saturday PM

Speaker(s):  Steve Scibelli, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11431-13
7:30 PM on 3/102018


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    Harri Tiiro says

    Hi There!
    I´m so amazed of taking part to the conference and watching the videos.
    I want to learn more about living by faith in spirit and love because of the the mercy of God in His son Jesus Christ. I also want to understand more about healing.

    Tell my greetings to pastor Maciej and Renata. I had a supernatural privilege to meet many pastors: Schaller, Scipelli, Andrulonis, Love, Taggart, Barry Quirk, , Stambowski and other polish pastors: Robert, Tomasz, Mariusz. I met also many other pastors, some of their names i dont know or remember. I felt everyone`s gentle, forgiving and encouraging spirit.
    I am so thankful.
    Greetings also to polish musicians that i had a chance to serve with: , Sara, Gabi, David and Kuba.
    And thank You and may God bless You who received this message and hopefully serve as a messenger!

    Harri from Turku Finland; co worker of Pastor Ismo

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