Get Wisdom, Sharpen Your Ax


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    Joseph massey says

    Dear Pastor Justin,

    Thanks for the spirit lead blessed message you preached. I was really blessed to hear such a different message in wisdom linked to growth of Christ in wisdom and with its application for all.

    I am seeing a new spirit like the one described in joel 2. Very young pastor’s are giving message with focus on application to life which relates so well to people living in a complex world occupying all of our psychological faculties and invading world into our lives. Such messages help this generation to say “I too can”. while all messages in all Ggwo churches are deep, I was impressed by your giving such a powerful message at young age.

    What a blessing to see Gods faithfulness for generations.


    Joseph massey

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    Gabriel Coan says

    Romans, and Galitians explain that Esau who married in to Ishamel’s family isn’t accepted in Christ’s family.

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