Keep the Book Open and Look Up

What if we filled our lives with gratitude? Let’s not let the habit of ingratitude blind us to our blessing. We have an open Bible and this gives hope, inheritance, and power. (Psalm 119:130; Luke 10:21)

Speaker(s) Pastor Ambroise Adanledji, Pastor John Love
Sermon # 10938
11:AM on 10/25/2015


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    Desmond Brown says

    I don’t know if he remembers me but my name is Desmond Brown, the Paradis family raised me, through the Hartford church, that was under Pastor Mawaka’s leadership. I just want to say the time I spent as a camper and counselor at Camp Life had changed my life and I am so grateful for the investment Pastor Love put into my life as a friend through his preaching. I love hearing him speak God’s word

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