Meditate with Your Bible & My Soul is In My Hand

Ps 119.109/Gen 3.8/Deut 8.3 ‘My soul is in my hand’. They are to ways to cure a disease : Chemicaly or spiritualy.The heart operates either by faith or by unbelief. We have the capacity to hear God and believe what he says. Thinking with God can deal with depression or fear. Our life is something mystical than is beyond material things only. God can renew our mind and give us an new heart that will choose not to fall into sin. We are not victims, we are victors. Prescriptions don&t run our life but making decisions with God brings authority to our soul. II Cor 4.16 My heart can be renewed even if my brain goes in another way. We can make a decision in our hearts to belief and God will give us motivation. We make great decisions because God has given us a new heart. Ps 119.75 I have a new heart, I believe God,I&m walking by faith and I can be healed by making good decisions with God.

Speaker(s): Carl H. Stevens, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 8920

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