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Access to Jesus Christ, it is ours. Think of it, John and James’ mother came to Him and made big request — she wanted her sons to have seats next to Christ in His Kingdom. That could not happen, but she did have a way to the Lord and could ask. We have a throne of grace that we can come to at anytime. (Matthew 20:20-23)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11261
11:00 AM on 5/14/2017


P. Scibelli

Mt. 20:20-23, When my mother passed into eternity into heaven, at the resurrection service, I said she was an amazing mother because she had two sons. Not that this is anything, but she had two sons who became pastors, one to China and one to Africa. I said this was quite an incredible woman. This is the first Mother’s Day without my mother in 70 years. I was thinking of the ministry she had to us. Maybe you’ve been through situations and it hasn’t been as you hoped it to be with a parent or mother, but everyone here has a mother. You came forth from that mother. She told me you can’t believe the difficult birth you gave me, pounding away from 4 or 5 months to get out. Even the day of your birth was unbelievable. Then you continued to cause me pain! We all have our stories to tell about our mothers. Don’t blame your mother, James and John, for the results of you sending her to Jesus. You send her to Jesus to desire something and he doesn’t give her the cup to drink. He gives it to you. You two are going to. It has to do with access to God. They were Sons of Thunder and they had some interesting tempers. They sent their mom to make a request. They changed through the ministry of J.C. to their lives and with their mother following God. Isn’t it amazing she was following J.C.? She was there and her two sons. We don’t know what happened to the father. She was allowed to go so her father was certainly for following J.C. There she was with her two sons.

1 Ki 17 and 2 Ki 4. Elijah and Elisha both come and give a child back to a mother. Both times the child had died. God used a man of God who was very powerful to make sure he would minister to these two mothers and give them their children back.

Listen to some things that some men have said about their mothers. Theodore Roosevelt said America’s greatest asset is a loving mother, a God loving mother. The devil would try to take that down and say being a mother is not much. Ever hear someone say that to you? Say get behind me Satan. What do you do? I’m a mother. Is that all you do? It’s so wicked. America’s greatest asset is a godly mother.

I can remember my grandmother and mother. My grandmother was good at pinching me under the table. That meant hold out your hand and she’d put a $10 bill. That was a lot in the 60s. She would pinch and I knew that meant open your hand. Don’t let your parents see it! My grandmother always put money there. I was ministered to by my great grandmother, too.

Rahab was the great, great grandmother of David. Ruth the Moabitess was the great grandmother of David. Imagine he had them in his line, – Moab, the enemy of God’s people.

Abraham Lincoln said all I am and hoped to be was laid down by my mother.

D. L Moody said everything I accomplished was because of God and my mother.

Billy Sunday said all that I am is because of God and my mother.

Kathryn Booth said I will not be a mother of a wicked child and God raised us William Booth to be the leader of the Salvation Army.

Someone said the father is head of the home and the mother is the heart of the home. 80% of what you learn is learned from the time you are 0 to 7 years old. That means mothers have a lot to do with training people. Brought up on the mother’s knee. Don’t become negative. One day we will talk about Father’s day.

Everyone here has a mother and the church as their mother, Gal 4:26. Understanding this.

My mother was amazing. Mothers are kind and tender and loving. I can relate to this. I’ve seen so many mothers behave this way. I was 13 and arrested in my house. My mother was looking. What is going on? They put shackles on my feet and hands. What are you doing with my son? Your son did this and this and this. I won’t tell you what it was! She said it definitely wasn’t him. Mistaken identity. My father is (shaking his head). My mother said to the day she went home to be with the Lord, you didn’t do that! Love covers a multitude of sin. One time I had three narcotic agents try to arrest me. I lived at home to age 27 because I liked the food! Your son is involved in a ring of people selling narcotics. She said not only does my son not sell narcotics, but he doesn’t use them. My father is shaking his head. My mother said not possible. She was the heart of the home. My father said take him away! My mother said if he goes to jail, you’ll have to put me in the same cell. They didn’t take me because they didn’t want to put her in the cell. That was her heart toward me. The father was the head of the home and mother was the heart of the home.

These two sons knew this woman had access to J.C. more so than they did at that time. Jesus dealing with mothers. Who was the widow Nain? She was a widow and lost her son. That’s two strong hits to take. He raised him from the dead and gave back her son. He cared about mothers. We have access to God. It means we have an entrance and can come freely and openly to God.

Rom 5, by faith we have access into this grace wherein we stand. Can you imagine standing in grace and not using my access? That’s like a free card to do something and never use it. By faith we have access. It means an entrance, making an approach. Having no left eye I forget this side. That’s what happens with African strokes. You lose one eye you have another one. This woman had access to God. This mother had access to J.C. for her children. How important to know we have access to God. We have an entrance to God. I don’t care what your situation is, what you’ve done, what is happening or will happen.

We heard about trouble from P. Love’s message. You were in trouble, are in trouble or will be in trouble. It’s coming. We have access to grace. This is where we stand. We can receive grace from God. We get so short sighted we begin to think of everything in our lives and don’t realize the access to God.

Heb 4:16, come boldly to the throne of grace that we might find grace and mercy to help in time of need. We come with courage, assurance, boldly, freely, openly. Maybe we find ourselves in failure or sin and we can’t even look at the throne of grace and God says this is when you should come.

Heb 10:19 we can come with courage, based on the blood of Christ by a new and living way. We come with boldness. A lot of people are afraid to approach God. Many religions around the world and such a fear in approaching God. I was watching them prepare for spiritual worship. A man was washing behind his ears, mouth, feet. I was wondering what was going on. I said could I interrupt your preparation for worship. Can I ask a question? How do you wash your heart? He got saved. That question confounded him. I said would you like a coke a cola. In Africa, that’s what you drink. He became a born again believer. He’s making his approach. We’re sinners and we have an old heart. God wants to give us a new one. He doesn’t change the old one. You can’t change that mess. It’s a mess. It’s the OSN heart.

God says I give you a new heart, Ezek 26:36, 2 Cor 5:17. We have access to God and we can make this approach. Adam is hiding because he doesn’t realize even though he sinned, he has access to God. I was thinking of Noah. 120 years building an ark. Imagine what that was like. Every hour, every day. 120 years of building an ark and being mocked by everyone. His sons in law weren’t too much with him. That’s why they didn’t get into the ark. The daughters got in. What is rain? There had never been rain. He had access to God and grace enough to take him for 120 years. No one else wanted access to God.

Ge 18 God said I’ll destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. I could give some illustrations in our present day life. He said I won’t withhold what I’ll do for Abraham. Abraham is begging. He has access to God. If there is 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, 10. Then he stops speaking. There wasn’t 10. A few, maybe 6. He could make an approach to God.

Is 6 reflects Heb 4. He says he is unclean and undone. I have no ability to perform anything spiritually. Ever felt unclean and undone? It’s happened in my life. I can’t do this. My eyes have seen the king. He hears the Trinity speaking. If he can hear the voice of the Trinity speaking, there is a good possibility he could be the one. He has access to God in that condition. You could make an approach to J.C. The Syrophoenician woman, he doesn’t answer her a word. Ever come to God and nothing happens? Where’s God in all of this? Then he gets an answer. I haven’t been sent to you. She’s coming to God for her daughter who is grievously vexed by the devil. It’s not fit to give to the dogs the children’s food. He called her a Gentile dog. The disciples said get rid of her. She kept coming. She got what she wanted. She was being tested in the approach she was making. Jesus could put his hand in the hand of a leper. A leper could make an approach. Blind Bartimaeus could make an approach. Rich Zacchaeus could make an approach. So often we analyze ourselves, evaluate, accuse ourselves and it keeps us from coming or we think of the last time we came and it didn’t work out so well. Come unto me….give you rest. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a command in the Greek language. Come. Come. So many are lost and don’t know they can make an approach to God. They have access to God. A free entrance. We are introspective and evaluate ourselves and something God never does. He sees us in the finished work.

Luke 15, you can come back, prodigal son. Your father is going to kiss you, give you shoes for your feet, a ring, a robe and make a feast for you.

A cow was killed at our convention in Uganda. The fatted calf convention. We have 288 orphans now. These children rely on people giving. We are their parents. It’s incredible to see them and look at their faces and realize what God’s people can mean to these orphans. They can have access. When you lose your father and mother as a young child because of genocide, sometimes these kids are devastated. Now they can come and are developing security in their lives. They are being loved by people. We have three orphans who have been ordained as pastors now. I want to have us hit a thousand orphans. We keep coming.

Can you come to God for prayer for situations in your life? I besought the Lord three times about this thorn. I begged God three times. He said my grace is sufficient for you…weakness.

Paul, keep coming. John Mark, failure, keep coming. David you sinned with Bathsheba and murdered her husband but 2 Sam 12 you can make an approach. Mephibosheth, your life is a mess and the king is calling you to eat at his table as one of the king’s sons. Get Mephibosheth and bring him to my table. This is the gospel.

I met people that told me and are pastors in Africa and they never visited anyone in their house. They expect you to come to their air conditioned house, church, and meet them in their air conditioned car. You don’t have access to them. We are on the streets and are knocking on doors. You can come to the plaza. You need money, don’t come! You can come. Not just come to church, but this is the Body of Christ and we are members in particular. God says just keep coming. The devil says you can’t come. Look at what you’ve done and what you’re asking for. God says come. Make your approach and you’ll find grace to help in time of need. We keep coming. Someone says what do I have to wear to come to church? Definitely something! Do I have to wear a tie? How do I have to dress? They believe this idea they have to have a certain wardrobe to come to church. There’s nothing wrong with looking good for God but won’t use that to hinder people from coming. What do I have to do to be a church member? Come. Do I have to pay dues? What are you talking about? Just come. You keep coming. We find this in Africa. They have been so legalistically indoctrinated. They think something has to take place for them to come. If I have to do something to come, that’s not grace. Sinners drew near to hear. You can draw near just to listen. Sinners drew near, publicans and sinners, especially wicked sinners is the word. You come. You are especially wicked. Tax collectors were Jews working for the Romans taking your money. You come. A woman caught in adultery they bring to Jesus and throw her down in the temple. What are you going to do to this person? Moses said she should be stoned. What do you say? I wonder what those guys were into. When Jesus wrote on the ground could he be writing some of the names of people they committed adultery with? I don’t think so. I think he might have written “grace.” Where are your accusers? Neither do I condemn you. He didn’t say go and sin no more. I won’t condemn you, but I don’t condemn you so that should be the source of why you don’t sin. We keep those kind of messages and keep people out of hell. God says you have access to me.

Mk 12 issue of blood for 12 years. You touch the hem of his garment and you are healed. You come with 6,000 demons. Ever seen demonic possession? That guy is in the church? You came didn’t you? God says make an approach and have access to God. It’s access to God’s love, mercy, faithfulness, life, finished work, the authority of God, the power of God, the Spirit of God, the Body of Christ, the Gospel. We just have to come. That’s all. Come the way you are. Isn’t there a song at Billy Graham’s crusades? Just as I am without one plea. I can come the way I am. You can come Joseph’s brothers. You can come Solomon. Even though you have messed up your life horrifically. 84 times in Ecclesiastes you say life is vain. You come in Song of Solomon and receive the love of God and write the Bible again.

Heb 7:25 he ever lives to make intercession. Jesus’ ministry on earth was awesome but he is doing something even now. He ever lives to make intercession.

1 Jn 2:1 he is my Advocate, the counsel for my defense. He is my lawyer. Ever need a lawyer? I don’t want to know your crime. J.C. the R is ever living to do it. You have an issue in your marriage, you can come. An issue in your personal life, I can come. You have problems at work, you can come. You have issues as a mother, not in you but with you kids. You can come and make your approach. God’s got a calling on your life. You can come. Bible school is out the door and down the hallway. We keep coming to grow, to be restored, and to experience the Body. We just keep coming.

God says make your approach. Don’t evaluate yourself or God and stop short. When a man draws back my soul has no pleasure in them. I have pleasure in people that keep coming. I want you to keep coming. In your worst failure, keep coming. With your greatest need, in the biggest trial of your life, when everything looks dark, when finances aren’t working.

Someone said to me I don’t like you. I said join the club. He said can I explain why? He said I put my hand out to shake your hand and you ignored me. I said I don’t have a left eye. I didn’t see you. Come to the right side. Don’t be so bent out of shape because I didn’t shake your hand. Someone didn’t shake my hand or wave to me. Keep coming and make your approach.


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