Our Priest Gives Us Light

Jesus came to be one of us and enter into a priesthood of the highest order. He gives us light to live in and let us live in it. It so important that we learn and develop discernment as people who can eat strong meat. (Hebrews 5:1-14; Psalm 36:9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Sermon # 11250
6:30 PM on 4/23/2017

P. Steve A.

The play has been on our minds. Last week was Easter. I did write it and thanks for all your encouragement but I’m not responsible for all the jokes Andy and Zane pieced in…I’m going [saying], was that the original script?!!

The reason this thing came to me is I’ve always been fascinated with Luke 24. You can search Don Francisco and the Old Traveler. It’s back when the songs told a story. I’ve been fascinated with a couple of verses.

vs. 22. Women of our company made us astonished. Women always make you astonished, men. Are you surprised by that? I’ve been with the same woman 36 years and I’m still astonished sometimes.

vs. 17 what manner of communication are these…sad. I was thinking of Wed. night and this morning about the cluster of grapes at the bottom of the dumpster. I piece that together with a statement in one of the Tolkien books at the end of Return of the King. Everything sad comes untrue. Sam says this…is everything sad coming untrue. That’s the thing about the grapes. They can be thrown in the trash.

P. Duane talked about facts being facts but not necessarily true… A fact that created a wound or left a scar but it’s not true about our identity. Not all sad things have to stay true. God makes it possible for the sad to be made untrue. His breath is always in our lungs. You can go up to someone and say that. We pour out our praises and the bones will sing. Everything from our core will no longer remember the sadness because God has brought us to a place of joy. It did happen for these guys. He broke the bread and realized it was Jesus. Jesus comes into the room and says peace be unto you. Touch me, hold me and handle me. I’m here as flesh and bones in my resurrected body, the body you are going to have. Everything about your body, your psyche is going to be untrue. The record is there and Satan can lament the ones that got away. There is silence in heaven in that space now. The accusation doesn’t get as far as the blood. Everything sad about our lives will be untrue.

In Acts, the Holy Spirit comes and there is power that happens. Some cool things happen. A guy gets healed and then trouble. Unbelief comes into the ministry and two die. Then a division with the Hebrew women treated better than the Greek. Church conflict going on. They confront it and tell the church to pray. Two of those guys are amazing, Stephen and Philip. God is always trying to get us to understand what is sad will become untrue. That’s what the story of the drama was.

Some doubted in Mt. 28:17. People saw Jesus alive and they still doubted.

The record of Acts is there is still things of unbelief working out in our lives. The church is a place to come and get your unbelief helped. Help my unbelief. It’s an honest prayer. God can help you. God brings you to an assembly and people had sad things happen to them. God helped their unbelief and got beyond it.

The play worked on a level that helped people to come to Christ and on a level when you’re sad and can believe again that everything sad can be made untrue.

I have to ask Anu and Emma. How did God help your unbelief in the production?

Emma: “In the production there was a lot of people who got saved. As we were practicing, I thought this is ok. This scene is ok but could be better. As the play was getting closer and closer, the play is next week and we were not completely ready. It all wrapped up right before the show. We were behind this curtain at the end of every show and the altar call is going on and everyone was back here praying and asking God to help everyone’s unbelief and see God through the play. It was amazing with the turnout. I loved it.”

Anu: “Come to Bible College. It will be fun they said. They did not say I would be dripped in blood. My arms were stuck together like a Band-Aid. I almost lost pit hair. It was an unnecessary waxing. I didn’t ask for this! Then every night when I was back there at one point I was on the cross and I had forgotten my lines. I look out of the corner of my eye and oh yeah, it is finished! One of the greatest lines that stuck out for me was taken from the Bible. Did not our heart burn within us as he spoke? I kept dwelling on that verse and I began to understand God blesses me with a cup and fills it up and from the overflow of that cup he is able to bless others. I kept getting people telling me I’m praying for me. People I don’t even know. I don’t deserve that in any sense. God kept me at peace back there when I was scrambling for lines. He gave me confidence to be used in such a way I never thought I’d be used. It’s really humbling. The blood was sticky and I had to stay still. This eye I couldn’t open and then I got a sty in that eye. God give me peace and strength. Those were my prayers. It was wonderful to be used by God like that. Because of your portrayal of Jesus people were saved people said. Allen said his aunt would never accept Christ and she accepted Christ that night. The garden scene I thought was the weakest. I wasn’t confident in delivering my lines. I prayed beforehand and so many told me that was the strongest. It defined who Jesus was. He was in command and he was there. I can’t be more grateful. I wore the crown of thorns and it gave me a headache. I was complaining about it and convicted like a bullet to my heart. You’re complaining about a headache? I died for you. I want to thank you all. I’m so glad to be here.”



P. Schaller

Isn’t that touching. That was an awesome portion P. Steve shared and the actor and actress. It was awesome. There were things P. Steve said. Anything that is sad will be untrue. Wow. I hope that’s true.

Heb 5, very simple, profound and relevant message to people in their lives.

Ps 36:9. If you are limited in your memory, just memorize the second part. One of my favorite verses from the beginning in my C. life. This verse carried me for years. What does it mean?

Prov 4:18, diagram wise we can draw it this way. Here is a little light and if I live in a little light, I get more light. In thy light we shall see light. How do you grow as a Christian? Abide in the light. Live in the light you got. I got a seven watt bulb. Start there. Live in the seven watt bulb light and in thy light you shall see light. Is that clear?

I was on a Finnish lake one time with [didn’t get the name] and we were rowing at midnight. It was Finnish summer. It’s twilight through the summer. Across the lake is a little cottage and a candle is burning miles away. You can see a candle I think 7 miles away.

In your light, I will also get more light. Could it also be any clearer than that? That’s principle #1.

Heb 5 we have the Messiah as our theme.

I’m thinking of the Jones’ girls. Faith is here, too. Darryl. Are you proud of your girls? How many do you have? Three. We need more! No, that’s enough. Amazing daughters. What a blessed man you are.

Then Anu what a great job as Jesus in the play. The average age in the theatre group? Take Rene Caron out and you are low numbers! We got the young people that are walking with the Lord. Jen ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 43 minutes. When she’s done she wants more! It’s amazing to run like that.

High priest. Who is the audience? The audience are Jewish people in Jerusalem. They have been set up to believe in the priesthood of Aaron. They had the blood sacrifices of animals, the incense, the priesthood, the tabernacle, the temple. They shift from Aaron’s to Christ’s priesthood and it was a huge shift. We ought to be ready for another shift. We’re going to heaven. Woe! Oh, that’s what it means. Wow! Woe! Man! That’s amazing. This is going to happen to us. Christ coming back into this world and reigning. It’s going to be happening. It’s real. You need an imagination. These people needed an imagination to believe this poor, itinerant preacher, this rabbi, was the Christ, the real priest that went into heaven himself and offered his blood and is there on our behalf. It’s almost unbelievable. Even we Gentiles are saying, really? When he died on the cross, does it really have an effect on my life? Is J.C. real? They are torn between the two systems. They have the Judaic systems and now the N.T. The tabernacle in heaven not made with hands. The priesthood not of the flesh that dies. Christ became a man forever.

Heb 5:1, ordained in things pertaining to God. He goes before God in the tabernacle and is doing things for men on the outside but doing these things for men before God. I think the Catholic priests follow this model. They go in behind the altar. The common people, unholy people can’t go past the altar. He’s dressed in the priesthood regalia and serves there. You get the idea of separation that man is holy and we are not. That man has a ministry and we don’t. That man has a connection with God, and I don’t have it. This idea is in the O.T. with Aaron. He may offer gifts which are meal offerings, sacrifices which are blood offerings for sin.

vs. 2. He is a human being also. He knows what it is to take a shower, use the bathroom, go to sleep, take a nap. He understand what it is to be a human being.

vs. 3. Before in Ex 28 the priest would offer for the people he had to have offerings for himself to be holy and acceptable by God. The oil and the blood went on the right ear lobe, the right big thumb, and the big right toe. Then he had his garments, incense, and anointing oil. It was perhaps 35 pounds of oil. An oil drum is 55 gallons. We’re talking a little more than half of it. Maybe the whole batch went on Aaron so he was dripping with oil. He was anointed as the high priest.

vs. 4-5. Christ. Now we are talking about Christ. He is the high priest. Not after the order of Aaron but of Melchizedek.

This Melchizedek figure in Ge 14 is repeated in the book of Hebrews.

Ps 110 he is a priest after the order of Melchizedek.

vs. 5. Ps 2:7 who said thou art my Son? God in heaven. What day was that? Was it in Bethlehem when the Son was born as a child? No, it was probably on the resurrection day. The third day. I’ve begotten you as a high priest. Christ is raised from the dead by God the Father.

My son and vs. 6. Thou art a priest. A priest forever. Thou art my Son. It’s like come up. You see the Son of God, an obedient priest serving God. Man is saying away with him and God is saying this is my Son in whom I am well pleased. The Son of God dies and three days later this day I have begotten you. You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. That’s what God thinks of Christ. What good is Levitical priesthood on earth with blood of animals and the building about to fall apart and the Romans in 70 A.D. Jesus prophesied it. It’s about to pass away. Raiders of the lost ark. Where did it go? Was it destroyed by the Romans? It doesn’t mean anything anymore because this old is passed away and now we have the new. Not a building made with hands but a building made in heaven, a priest forever.

vs. 7. We could spend time on that verse. In Gethsemane, the worry, the shame.

I have a piece here to read from Ray Stedman “He was oppressed by a sense of hopelessness. Totally discouragement and utter defeat. …He would be bearing the sins of the world as though his own. The thought of it crushed his heart as in a winepress. He understood the same feeling we have. We have it in a lesser degree when we are angry with ourselves and filled with shame and believe God can’t do anything…we will never pass through Gethsemane as torturous as he did….the ability to deal gently with other sins. He was fully aware of the sense of personal defilement that sin leaves. …not my will but yours be done. Take this cup, three times, but not my will but yours be done. Jesus learned obedience whenever the fiber of his being longed to escape. It was excruciating hard for him….yet he learned obedience the hard way through his experience in Gethsemane.”

vs. 8. Hard, tough. I don’t want to do it but I have to. I want to do my Father’s will. I will trust him. In your light we will see light. When you get this amount, live in it. Apply it. Believe it. Do it. Live in it. When you live in it, you get more. This is the key to maturity. Christ in Gethsemane is teaching us and we learn also. He did though he was always perfect he had never been this way before. I think of God Almighty knows all things and doesn’t have to learn anything. To think God needs to come down here and learn how to fish because if he never caught a fish, he doesn’t know what that is like. No, he knows everything. He knows how to catch a fish without doing it because he’s God. Why did Jesus have to learn something when he’s God? It’s connected to his priesthood. Bringing man to being what we are supposed to be. In his obedience, he was making it possible for us. In other words, his obedience wasn’t as if he doesn’t know everything. We didn’t have a high priest. We didn’t have someone who was from us and had gone through and became this highly exalted man. When he ascended into heaven, now he is a man forever. Now he is a high priest forever.

vs. 8. Being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him. Author of eternal salvation. You can’t lose your salvation. It is eternal. You are secure. We have a priest who did it all. He is highly qualified. Made a high priest forever. Why would I go back to some other priesthood who is of the earth? In the light I have, these Jewish people believing in Jesus, live in the light they have and get more. But beware if you light is this much and don’t live in it, maybe it gets flatter. If I don’t live in the light I get, what happens in my life?

vs. 10-11. We have many things to say about Melchizedek and the priesthood, and he’ll say them in Heb 7. But he says it’s hard to say them because you are dull of hearing. Hard to be uttered seeing you are dull of hearing. What does that mean? There are attitudes we have as people. “I don’t get it” or “I don’t care” or “I’m indifferent” or “I don’t have any excitement about it.” It’s “same old, same old.” “I don’t get what you mean.” And so on. There are Christians by the multitudes who have that attitude. There is no Spirit awakening them to the reality of what is being said. There is no excitement in the Holy Spirit with regards to the reality of what is being said. It’s very possible like in our diagram, they are not excited or connected because there is no application. They come, sit, and listen and go out and that’s it. There is no application, no change, no focus, no concentration, no taking it to my heart. No taking the things I don’t like to hear and saying Lord here I am. I want to walk in the light and you will give me more light. This book will explode on me. It will take on a new dimension.

vs. 12. That means what it says. To use our diagram, you get light. You know about Jesus that he is better than angels, better than Moses. Jesus did miracles, and you are being warned not to be like the Jews who died in the wilderness. You live in that and you will have more. It looks like you are going in the other direction. You are losing it. If you don’t use your muscles, what happens to them? Let’s have some examples. Stand up in the room! Start up in the platform! I’m not being provoked in my obedience. Jesus calls me to be a disciple and says pay a price, follow me and believe me, trust me. There are muscles developed. You ought to be teachers of these things. Somehow it’s withering away. Need of milk and not strong meat. There is a reversion back here. We have to go back to the first principles. It could be you have this amount of light, live in it, and become a teacher and even more. There is progress. There is something about your life free, exciting, marvelous, refreshing, and encouraging. It’s something there. You are able to eat strong meat.

I had a lady come here and I said the word “homosexual” in a message and this Christian visiting said I can’t believe you. She was all upset about it. I said I apologize but I can’t be overly sensitive about your opinion. There is a reason I’m saying these things. And I have direction and authority in the Bible. We love people who are confused in those things and have different lifestyles. We are here to see people get saved and born again. She was an example of someone who has to get deeper with God on the real things. Homosexuality is not the issue. The issue is am I living in the light God is giving me? Which direction am I going in my diagram?

vs. 13. Babes are tossed about with every wind of doctrine, Eph 4:14. How often do they need their diapers changed? How often? How much do they eat? How often do you feed a baby? Something like that related to how much they are eating you change them. They don’t have the discernment. They can’t deal with the big issues that require discernment. Life isn’t always that easy to figure out. They have to discern good. Is there ever good that sometimes looks evil but it actually is good. You look at it and say that’s not good. When I left college and went to Bible college, that was not a popular thing to do. Leaving school. Leaving your mother or father. How about leaving your live-in girlfriend and leaving her high and dry.

What kind of man are you? I’m following God so I’m not going to do that anymore because I follow God. Is that bad? Do you know? Moses went back to Egypt and could say he messed up the whole thing. Might have been better to stay in Egypt. Really? Can you discern the will of God? A man has a relationship with a man and they get along so well and “you should see their garden and how they talk and how nice they are.” Do we have any discernment regarding God and righteousness? How about Mary breaks the box of ointment, pours it on Jesus and the disciples [he’s making noises] and the money should be sold to the poor. Christ said let her alone. What she has done is for my burial. When I am buried, none of you will be around. You guys have no discernment because the key is to live in the light God gives you. We survived crazy things in this church, not because of any gifts we have but the H.S. was helping us and leading us in discerning the issues. We discern God’s will and God’s people. We discern what is our vision and the need and the teaching. We don’t go to a seminary where they say Jesus is not born of a virgin or the Bible isn’t inspired. You have to have discernment.

These people in Heb 5 are running the risk of going back and need to be exhorted and encouraged to eat meat and have some discernment about it.

vs. 13. Your girlfriend at work can take you out. Oh, yeah. The guy you work with can take you out. I’m sure. We get so led in this world, led into temptation, confusion, ideas, led down the world. A newspaper article could mess you up and take you out. My wife and I living together for 40 years. Two streets over I meet the neighbor and he says you don’t know the whole picture about your wife. I’m thinking, what are you talking about? I’ve been told. Oh, yeah. What do you know about the woman I live with for 40 years? Isn’t that interesting? It’s the same thing that happens with God’s people. God’s people will believe a lie before they discern a lie and recognize the truth. People will read a book and lose their faith when they had been reading the Bible for 30 years and have many evidences and testimonies and now they are an unbeliever or a J.W. or something. How could it happen?

vs. 13. They cannot fight in a battle. They are a baby. They can’t hold up under pressure. They can be led by the fancy guy with a bow tie with a bundle of roses and chocolates. People can talk their way out of a paper bag [idiom]. They can destroy your faith. You know who gets messed up? These people. You don’t apply it and use your muscles and don’t live in it. I’m believing in Jesus and will trust him in every area of my life in that in light you get more light and you get ready and prepared to discern.

vs. 14. How about money issues. That can be an issue in a man or woman’s life. I take the doctrine by reason of use. I have my senses exercised to discern good and evil. The good looks like it’s evil but it is actually good. Do you discern evil? It’s evil but looks good. Can you give an example? It looks good but you can’t discern it. Maybe the Pharisees in the gospels. They look good but not good. My neighbor does not know my wife. My neighbor doesn’t have a wife. The newspaper doesn’t know my church. I’ve been sitting in the church 30 years, I know this church and the people. I have discernment to recognize what is good and evil. That has to do with people I work with. I want to live in the light that God has given me. When someone says something in the local school and is talking about transgender this and homosexual that and marijuana and casinos, etc., do you have any discernment? This is how it works. You get it. It happens. I discern it. I’m a church attendee. I attend the church and recognize it. “How often do you go to church? Three times a week?” How much do you go to the bar room? The health club? How many hours do you watch TV? I understand what God is doing and I want to walk in the light God is giving me.

We are in a battle and the people serious in our faith end up doing great things in their faith, have great conversations and victories in temptations. Yes we have great crashes.

Don’t destroy the cluster of grapes. There is a blessing in it. Let’s seek Him and he will show us.


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