Pastor Gary “Tree” Aluisy – Face to Face Service

Sunday the 21st of February 2016 @ the Greater Grace Church


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    Ed Bobak says

    Pastor Tree will remind us all that a life of serving and loving is an “Eternal Life”! He lived with an internal grace and adventure of faith..A real example and humble man with Christ in his heart. Heaven got a hero to embrace on February 3rd!!..

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    John galloway says

    I was homeless in St Petersburg Fl when I first met Pastor Tree. He took me in into the mission he was running there. He gave me a job (painting) and a sense of security. And when I would ask “hard” questions during his Bible studies (because I wasn’t totally sold on Christianity), he would say something jokingly like “I see your analytical German brain is working overtime today.” He never got pissed, but answered my questions, and showed me how to live a righteous life by example. Eventually, I moved into his parsonage in Pinellas Park, Fl., and lived with him, his wife, and several other people and one other family. He was a great man, full of grace, hope, compassion and wisdom. I had gotten a job, and he was working as well, but I loved when I got the opportunity to sit down and just chat with him. Today I’m 50 (back then I was 23 or 24), and am happy, healthy, content, and financially stable. And I have no doubt Pastor Tree’s influence is one of the biggest reasons why.

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