Sowing the Precious Seed

mk 4:14-20 God became a man, all our sins went on his body Holy Spirit teaches us and now we live by faith. Athlete preparing for the olympics, we are different. Learning the world by pictures is nothing compared to the real thing. mk 4:14 – Sower sows the word. 15 – fallen by the way side. Seed that comes from God in us that we sow when we meet people. Did you know that God became a man? Satan steals it before it takes root. But sower sows the seed anyway. All of the sins of the world went on (1pe 2:21) Christ. And we sow the seed, on and on… We sow the seed and we don&t know. 3. Do you know that all of us have problem, death but the tomb is empty. Christ is real and he can change your life. 17. They received it but it had no root in them. 18. Then these are those that receive and run with it. 4. Power of the Holy Spirit in the book of acts chapter two it can happen to you. you have the seed now. We sow it and it brings fourth fruit. Take heed what you hear. The seed is planted and cultivated and watered. And God gives increase.

Speaker(s): Billy Deslong, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 8899

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