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We can live focused on the Creation or in fellowship with the Creator. Jesus Christ, the great priest, now stands at the hand of the Father as our Advocate and Intercessor. (Hebrews 8:1-13)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Murly Iyer
Sermon # 11346
6:30 PM on 10/8/2017

P. Murley (Toronto)

We are so used to not having a mike in Toronto. We have five or six so everyone can hear us. Joy to be with all of you. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I’m delighted Anu is here with you all. It’s God working in his life. He was a guy who couldn’t say one sentence without being afraid. We are grateful to the Lord. It’s only God who can do that. Thank you for everyone who has supported him to bring out the best in him. We sang the song, “I surrender all.” I surrender all. Very often I ask this question to myself: When I say I surrender all, what do I really mean? If I had the opportunity to play back every thought I was thinking during the song or if you could read each one of my thoughts, I would be thinking I have to pay my mortgage, my bills. Maybe why did this guy come and sit next to me? You better start liking me now. Because I’m going to be in heaven so start liking me now. I surrender all, what do we mean? Christian is spelled as C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n. Most of the Indians win the spelling bee in America! Nevertheless, the last three are spelled with I-A-N. It really means I am nothing. At the Cross, at the Cross where I met the Lord and I am happy all the day long. Nothing can take away my joy, my happiness.

Php 4:6 Paul said don’t be anxious about anything. Anxiety is unavoidable. Everyone is anxious whether a computer programmer, a nurse, etc. I think pastors aren’t afraid, but I’m afraid. Anxiety is unavoidable but living in a fortress being anxious and compressed with anxiety God doesn’t want you and me to do that. Max Lucado talks about the trapeze artist…saying that when he is there they are jumping from one place to another. The guy who has to catch the person is doing the job. The guy who flies just has to spread his hands and take hold of that person.

In our life and yours, we are the guys flying and the other guy is God himself, De 33:27. The eternal God is my refuge and beneath are his everlasting arms. This guy on the other side has never let anyone down. Though he fall, he will not be cast down for the Lord upholdeth him with his hands. We have a mighty God for whom nothing is impossible. When we were in Saudi Arabia, my son was with us and left our hand and went somewhere. We had to call the security. When we found him, his first reaction was why did you leave my hand? I did not leave your hand; you left my hand. Isn’t it the same with us and God? We leave God’s hand and ask God, why did you leave my hand?

Jer 17:12 glorious high throne from the beginning has been our sanctuary. You and I can go at any time to this glorious high throne and that becomes a place of sanctuary.

Jer 17:5 many times we run to the arm of the flesh. We can go to the throne of God to find grace and mercy in time of need. All God is doing is his hands are open and he’s saying come to me and I will give you rest. Let’s go to him and he will not leave you.



P. Schaller

We’re going to go into Hebrews tonight. I wanted to encourage you to listen on the internet. I listened to P. Bob Colban’s message. I thought of women in France saying I see things a little differently. Also Justin’s message on the presence of God stirred my heart also. I’m so thankful the prayers and the Spirit moving and there was salvation this morning in our service. Also, I mentioned the tragedy in Las Vegas and the mystery of the motive that everyone is wondering. A man with 5 million in the bank, not religious, older in life, had a professional background, why? We talked about the mystery of evil and evil being in the world and then the mystery of the kingdom. There are things about us that are hard to explain. Love, forgiveness, worship.

Mt. 13 that we find a treasure in the field and we hide it. Go and sell all that we have. Deep motivation when you find Jesus Christ. That’s what I’m looking for. I will sell everything to find him. Dig up the field and find him and walk with him. This makes us different. We did the beatitudes. Do the opposite. Here is the beatitude Christ taught. Poor in spirit. And the opposite in the world is strong in spirit and you will succeed. You are determined, strong willed, focused, very disciplined, work hard, and you will succeed. We have found another way. It’s a mystery. We found Christ. We found brokenness and the filling of the Spirit. We found the mind of Christ. It’s not the world. They that mourn. Nobody would think you are so blessed you are sad, weeping. You’re so serious. You’re so blessed you seem so concerned about something. What is it? In the field, digging up the treasure we find Christ. By the way, many people just look at the field and that’s all they have. They don’t dig. There is no treasure. They don’t sell all that they have. They see the creation, the field. They don’t know there is something there and they don’t care. I got my paycheck and a cup of coffee, a football game, a child, a job. They don’t know and it is ridiculous to live only with a field and not be seeking and searching not for the creation but to look for the Creator. Which is greater? The Creator.

I love my wife but there is something greater than my wife. We had a beautiful family time last night. Twenty-five family members at Bethany’s house and early turkey dinner. We had Thanksgiving together because John-John is going into the Marines in a week. Good mother like Bethany, you can’t go without Thanksgiving dinner. My family is the creation. I love my family but it is the creation.

My job, my car, my house, my future, my past. Creation. This is the problem with sin. Sin draws us to the creation. When I’m in Greater Grace and in church life, and I’m here with people in some kind of activity and relationships, it also could be creation. My church. It’s people. But I’m not looking for the creation. We are looking for the Creator. I don’t believe – I don’t know actually I think you would be, but at the same time what are we looking for. The Creator. Help me to know you, the Creator. When you find the Creator, the Savior and you dig up in the field, you find and set it aside. I said I’m going to a store and if I find something I really like and there is only one of them, I might take it and put it somewhere in the end and it’s there for me to come later when P. Taggart helps me financially! Then I’m able to go there and buy it. He hid the treasure. He went with a lot of intensity to say I’m selling everything to buy it. In your heart, sell everything to find God. In your heart, go ahead. You still keep your job, love you wife, but you will love your family more and also the wisdom will help us in our life in the creation. We end up living in the creation the way our Creator made us to live as worshippers of the Creator. We find ourselves blessed. Blessed are you that mourn. You will be comforted. Look at the party, the worldly mind. Happy. Who will party? Party time. Isn’t it called the Happy Hour. The Disaster Hour or is it the Happy Hour? Careful of words. A Happy Hour is not a Happy Hour. It can be a disaster hour. When you find a treasure in the field, you realize I found reality. I found the whole thing. I got it. That’s what we shared this morning.

Heb. 8:1, this verse means actually because we have a high priest who is so high, nobody higher and he’s seated on our behalf. A priest. He feels our infirmity. He knows our sin. He is there on our behalf as our high priest highly exalted. Because he is a priest and so high the covenant which follows from the priesthood.

We think the Covenant comes first and then the priesthood, but we read in Heb 7 if the priest is not that good, the Covenant has weakness. He can’t live forever so the priesthood transfers the services to the next generation. Animals die, the priest lives and dies, the tabernacle is on the earth. It’s far inferior to what is needed. We need a priest who lives forever. We need a priest whose blood speaks from heaven. We need a priest who will pray for us when we are sleeping. He will never sleep and his prayers are heard from the Father. He can be both with the Father and with us for our best.

vs. 2. True or original tabernacle. The one Moses had was a type. I like to say the Barbie doll house, the plastic thing with Barbie and Ken and a corvette and the barbeque grill is a theater, a small show of life but not the reality. Same with Moses’ tabernacle and all the blood and priesthood and sacrifices is inferior to what we need. We have not been made to die but to live. If you haven’t noticed we are very complicated. We are guilty at times and don’t know why. We are confused sometimes and need someone to speak and be a priest on our behalf. To wash our feet. To pray for us like he did with Peter. To go after us when Peter denied the Lord three times. Jesus restored him. Christ comes and heals you, restores you, regenerates us, restores my soul, feeds us. Very important to Jesus. He said to Peter, do you love me? I got one thing to say, feed my sheep. Is that important? It’s very. He is the priest that is also the shepherd that feeds the flock. Once God has spoken, twice I heard it. I heard it in the closet and in the church, in my private Bible study and in the fellowship. I heard it in my heart and then I saw it in a woman who walks by faith. I’m being reinforced in the fellowship of the Body who walks by faith.

vs. 2. Moses pitched the tabernacle in the O.T. but this one is in heaven where Wilson Lippy is tonight. More and more of our people are going.

More and more of our people are flying away with an angel escort in Luke 16. It’s more than likely that more will be going. Going away and soon maybe more will be there than here, but we hope not. Where do they go? To the city with the spirits of just men made perfect and the blood that speaks and joy in the true tabernacle, the original one.

vs. 3. Moses sprinkled the blood. It’s necessary that this man Christ would have something to offer.

vs. 4. Meaning he wouldn’t be of the tribe of Levi if he was on the earth. He was of the tribe of Judah but of the priesthood of Melchizedek. He’s not here. He is there. It is a better priesthood, better covenant, a better reality. Not law. But the reality. The beatitudes. That’s the change in my heart.

vs. 5-6. We love the word “better.” Better. I mean it’s better. Exceedingly better. A lot better. This is where our joy comes from. This is where the fellowship is. It’s much better than law and judging people. Don’t be a judge of people. Be a minister of people. Share joy. That’s how we live. We don’t have dominion over people’s faith but are helpers of their joy. Say it dramatically. Helpers! Go ahead. Helpers of what? You’re going to go home. Come in the back door and before I go in that house, I’m going to be a helper of the joy of whoever is behind that door whether a dog or a potato plant! I’m bringing home the joy. I’m bringing to church the joy.

We shared about Owings Mills the other day. I think the Holy Spirit will get ahold of that or has. I want you to be on the move. Financially we are behind. Again. Say to your neighbor, do you tithe? Are there people in the church who do not tithe? It would change our whole situation. We wouldn’t have to cut back on anything and in the vision and mission we could have a church in Owings Mills. This is our soft launch. It is right now happening here. We want to go to Owings Mills. We want to get a place there and preach there on Sunday morning. We want to get the whole thing shaken and rolling. Have carpet on the floor and people coming for prayer and the message and the finished work. Soft launch and then people saying I’m in. Let’s have another church in Baltimore City. Owings Mills sounds good to me. There’s a lot of people there. It’s about salvations. It’s about people getting saved. It’s about young people finding Christ and pastors being used by God and another music team. And all the telephones are leaving! Follow it with me. I wonder is God in that? He might be. I’ve seen it happen. You say something and the Holy Spirit moves in hearts and that’s how the work grows. That’s how things happen. It’s by faith. We have our services here and P. Hadley called it west campus in Owings Mills. We get things rolling and growing and people getting moved and the Lord working that way. We found a treasure in the field.

You sell everything in your heart. You say I want the Creator, I want God. The men were singing down here tonight. I was shocked. I had to put ear muffs on! No, it was beautiful. The response of the men’s choir on Oct 29th. God is good to us and I know it and recognize it. I’m very thankful for this. I do think that I can gravitate to the creation and get so occupied with it and lose sight of the Creator. If I could get a fresh view and the Spirit moving in my heart regarding the Creator. We have this New Covenant happening. The New Covenant.

vs. 6. Jesus’ ministry we haven’t even begun to see what it is. It is an excellent ministry. You know what it is. One day it will be, what happens, the bride up. Up. Twinkle of an eye. We meet in the air. We say Jesus, you have an excellent ministry. Raising all of us and out of the graves all of our sisters and brothers coming up. Jesus, how did you do that? I have all power given to me from my Father. I have an excellent ministry. P. Chris shared about New Hampshire and the drug addiction problem and overdoses. People come and Christ changes their lives. He takes the desire away. Jesus you have an excellent ministry, what you do.

vs. 7-13. If you could read those verses 10-13 this week, I want to say it this way. Go back to the beatitudes. Why? We believe this. Go to the next one. Look at the last one. They that cheat, lie, and deceive will get away with it and be rich. That’s true. But God has put it in my heart in the New Covenant I don’t like to lie. It’s in my heart. The New Covenant. The Bible says don’t bear false witness but that’s the law. He put it in my heart, digging it up I found it in the field. I don’t want to lie. I have no interest in that stuff. I don’t care about it anymore. If you come to the church in Owings Mills, Moravia, anywhere where the H.S. is speaking to you, you will know and you’ll start to say I found the treasure in the field. I sold everything. I’m not caring about those things anymore. One man said to me I stopped drinking. God took it away and if I get near it I get sick. Another one smoking cigarettes said he gets sick when he smells the tobacco and he smoked 30 years. And he doesn’t have the desire. Jesus, you have an excellent ministry. You’re a priest at the right hand of God. You got us going. Let’s get moving in something that’s weird in the world but that’s the thing this world is needing. We all know being strong and smart and determined and clever and capable and connections and phone calls and getting to the top and fighting and succeeding, is that my life? Jesus has a more excellent better covenant, excellent ministry, better promises. Watch what happens in your heart when you go to God and say God take care of me. We have seen it over and over through 40 years of life. We have found the treasure in the field which is J.C. If I got that, I might not have much and I got that. Because I got that, I’ll get everything I need. I can’t even believe I get everything I need. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. He’ll take care of you. We are so idiotic, we don’t know how to direct our footsteps. We don’t know how to live this life but we have found it through our high priest who has ascended into heaven and put it in our hearts and minds…I just wanted to have a good time tonight. I don’t know how light hearted you are. I think you got worried about tithing or beat up in the message! Not really.

You are God’s people and he’s taking care of you and you’re ok. We’re going by God’s grace to Owings Mills and we will kick butt. Jesus is with us and our country is in a lot of trouble. We are called to it and we are very capable.



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