Video Clip & Wisdom VS the Knowledge of Good and Evil

James 4:1 / Rom 7:14 There are a lot of Bible examples where we know what we should do but we don\&t do it. The Bible said we should forgive but we have a hard time forgiving people. Knowing Good and evil is a substitute for God, we have the knowledge of what to do but we don\&t have the power to accomplish it. The people that live by the tree of good and evil have to deal with their own nature all the time. Wisdom is what we look for in each other. Prov 28:19 = There is no contest against the Lord. Christ dwells in us and he gives us wisdom. We are not dealing with the good and the bad, we live in the fruits of the spirit and by wisdom we know have to live and how to apply knowledge. Wisdom will lead us and guide us in the way.

Speaker(s): Carl H. Stevens, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 9013


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