Your Birthright, Not For Sale

Esau was a skillful, capable man. Yet, he had no concept of what really mattered. Jacob was a plain man, but God’s hand was on him.
Genesis 25:27-34

Speaker(s) Pastor Tom Schaller, Pastor Matt Laflamme
Sermon # 10926


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    Pastor Tom..hits the ” Bullseye”.. An excuse to be preoccupied..with the “details of life”.. Is like Essua.”Selling out” his sin nature…A simple adjustment to Gods plan and purpose easy and fullfilling!!.. This isva message I rate as a 10 out of 10…Should be listened to at least..3 times…not just once!!….An… Impact message for 90% of mal- adjusted believers!!..A spiritual ” No-hitter”!!.. WAY TO GET IT RIGHT…PASTOR TOM!!.. A++

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