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    Spiritual “Grown-ups”

    The measure in which we are available to and will receive the abundance of His Grace is the measure in which we will grow up in Him in all things - and reign in all things, in Him (Rom.5:17):

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    Extracting the Sweetness

    Spared the Heartache? We can’t dismiss the need for discipline, focus, enduring in times when things seem to be quite impossible. We will have many moments overwhelmed, many occasions of pain and disgust. We will not be spared the heartache. We will not find easy fixes for these times. My...

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    Fear Factors and Faith that Floats

    Fear does strange things to us. It has to; because it is something we were not made for. Read Genesis 3. There we discover original fear as it plagued Adam and Eve after their original sin. Maybe that should read original sins — plural. There was a mental process of...

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    A New You

    Religion for a dead man is like putting lipstick on a corpse. It might look better, but it's still expired.

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    Jesus and His Answers for Our ‘Good’

    He came to Jesus; he saw Jesus as “good” and he wanted something he thought Jesus had to offer. “What must I do to inherit eternal life,” he asked the Lord. On the surface, this man had everything. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke refer to him as rich,...