Greater Grace Day of Prayer Apr 5th

At Eurocon two weeks ago, Pastor Mikael Toll shared that God has given great answers through these monthly days dedicated to prayer and fasting. He referred to Sweden, to the needs in the country, to a sense of God moving, and to specific answers regarding his family. It greatly encouraged us.

We are living in days of critical importance. Our prayers get answered by our heavenly Father. Let us pray and fast together on Wednesday, April 5, for God to continue His work in the ministries of Greater Grace throughout the world.

Some things to remember in prayer:

  • Easter season outreaches, drama presentations in Baltimore and other places
  • powerful and life-changing messages.
  • new people in church services
  • Faith Promise banquet May 26
  • college and high school graduations; graduates and their plans for their futures
  • June Convention preparations
  • Wisdom and direction for our summer. May God give us fruitful harvest trips.
  • Clear leading from God on which countries to target.