Greater Grace Day of Prayer May 3rd

What can change through prayer?  Can stubborn hindrances — roadblocks mental and physical — be obliterated? Could the impossible happen? Did God send Muslim refugees around the world so they can hear the Gospel and move us to our knees?  Can our groups gather and pray? Can we pray fervently?
Let’s devote ourselves to a day of intercession and fasting this Wednesday, May 3. People throughout the ministries of Greater Grace worldwide have felt the impact of these prayer days.
Keep in mind this busy, busy season in our calendars.
Pray for high school and college graduations and for the graduates themselves as they make big decisions regarding their futures.
Pray for our International Convention season with people traveling to Baltimore to be part of the activity before, during, and after our week – June 19-25.
Pray for details related to our plan for a “Love Baltimore” march in the city before convention.
Pray for Summer Harvest plans and for God to lead people in participating and supporting these trips.
Pray for the next generation of Bible college students and their commitments and details to apply and register for the Fall semester.
Pray for summer activities, for outreaches and events, also for family vacation times and reunions, etc.

Pastor Schaller