Greater Grace Day of Prayer November 1st 2017

Greetings from Baltimore.

David Wilkerson has a six-minute video on Listening to God in prayer. It spoke to my heart regarding the importance of not only praising and requesting, but waiting on Him. You can watch the video here:

May God bless our seasons of prayer this coming Wednesday, as we again seek God for His grace and mercy.

Some specific things to pray for this time of year are these:

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas church services and outreaches. This is a time of year when people are the most open and our services are most attended.

Also, may God bless our times with our families.

May we believe Him for salvations for unsaved relatives, and prodigals to return.

May the Lord bless our travels and conferences.

Let’s ask God to bless our students as they finish their fall semesters.

In Christ,

Pastor Schaller