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  • Three Kinds of Love
    Let's talk about three kinds of love: God's love, the devil's "love," and our own love. The first is completely unique. It cannot fail and will perform to meet the needs of people without living …

Build the Expectation

Excitement With EuroCon less than a month away, there’s plenty of buzz around home base.   In passing conversation it’s commonplace to hear phrases like, Are you going to Budapest, or Did you buy your ticket yet?  It’s...

A ‘Man’ After God’s Heart

What’s in a name? Take Andrew for example. The word means “man.” That’s it. There’s no larger metaphor attached to it. It’s as if his parents took a look at the boy child and suddenly...

Hopes and Dreams

  Nothing gives more pleasure than disappointment turned to hope. It’s like the budding of a flower, petals which were shrunken in withdrawal, unraveling and stretching in beaming beatification. There is no blush — Just...

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  • Stir It Up!

  • A Heart That Wins

  • Have a God Heart

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