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  • Streamlined Discipleship
    Instead of listening for the words, “Forsake all you have or you cannot be My disciple,” many people want discipleship language streamlined where they can accept it on the basis of common sense. They want …

Cast Down but Not Forsaken

The awareness of shame is a reckoning with lost innocence, the realization that one now has the potential to hurt another and be hurt, to honor God and to dishonor Him. Shame is the pervasive...

A Most Honest Prayer

“Help my unbelief.” This petition was presented to Jesus by a man with a demon-afflicted son. He had brought the boy to Christ’s disciples for deliverance. At first, no relief came. Then, Jesus showed up,...


Is America becoming a post-Christian society? What does it mean for us Christians? It directly affects believers who try to win lost souls because an unsaved person’s ground of decision making may be skewed or...

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