Travels in Europe Last summer, I had the unique and grand opportunity to visit several European countries. Throughout the trip God revealed Himself to me countless times through many ways. New Friends Right after June convention I headed off to Europe. I was at Camp Life Europe in Hungary with...

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Mama – Hunter – Gatherer

Girl from Maine I’m a Maine girl.  Even though it has literally been decades since I have lived there, I still answer with Maine when asked where I’m from in the States.  Growing up my dad always hunted, and when I was really little, he ran a trap line and...

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Gravity of Grace

The Pull Down The law of gravity tells us that what goes up must come down. NASA defines gravity as a force in which objects are drawn towards it center. Depending on it mass index the closer objects are to each other, the stronger their gravitational pull is.   Pull...

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His Protection

Natural Disasters In September, we saw a number of our missionaries and churches caught in natural disasters. Houston, Texas, was hit by Hurricane Harvey.  Mexico City was struck with an  earthquake of 7.1 magnitude. Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Kept Safe Our churches and people were kept safe in these...

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Beat the Lie, Stand in Truth

Heart for Malawi In the two short weeks I’ve been here, God has really opened up my heart to the Malawian people. It’s a lot different from America in many ways.  For instance, you can walk down the street, hand someone a tract, and they will stop and talk with...

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Bible News from Benin

“And they taught in Judah, and had the book of the law of the Lord with them, and went about throughout all the cities of Judah, and taught the people. 2 Chronicles 17:9 The Bible, the highest form of education Our team, along with our guests from Nimes France; Pastor Luigi,...

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God’s Moves

Moving-In Day The first major event of July was the BIG MOVE. Our Grace Mission Church signed the papers on the Missions Center, a.k.a. the new apartment where I will be living along with Pastor DeVries, Pastor Sejun, Tain Palanun, and any other men (or married couples) who are in...

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