Please join us in prayer. We pray for missionaries, churches and the work going on around the world. For health, growth, opportunities to minister to people in need. For vision, safety in the ministry, for laborers to join the harvest, and for God's will to be done.

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    Franklin Graham Prayer Rally
    I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live. Psalm 116:1-2
    – GG Missions
  • Greater Grace Prayer Day
    Over 3,000 students taking Bible college courses worldwide; guidance for Eurocon in Budapest, March 14-18; all who desire to attend; pre-Eurocon mission trips; preparations for Easter play; messages and ministry leading up to the Resurrection Day; protection for all mission and conference travels around the world.
    – GG Missions
  • D.R. CONGO | Lubumbashi
    More peace for our country; new church plants in our region; provision to visit Kinshasha and Goma churches; means for many to attend the conf. in Zambia in April; the hand of God to protect us from those opposing the doctrine of grace and the Finished Work of Christ. 
    – Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba
  • GAMBIA | Banjul
    Remember our nation in prayer as we face major political logjam; peace among the political parties. 
    – Pastor Ejilah Dennis
  • MALI | Bamako
    Church growth; a bigger place for church; protection; peace and security in Mali for the Gospel; true convictions for disciples; soulwinning; new students for the Bible school; our health; church finances. 
    – Pastor Koffi & Odette Tsikplonu
  • UGANDA | Kampala
    Church growth; healing for our son Joshua, 20 years old, from cerebral malaria he got 4 years ago; he cannot talk, nor feed himself. 
    – Pastor Natukunda Emmy
  • UGANDA | Iganga
    Bible college to take off; more churches to be planted in our region; strength for pastors with village outreaches; our Pregnancy Resource Center for girls and their babies.
    – Pastor David Kisaame
  • ZAMBIA | Kitwe
    Encouragement, wisdom in sharing the greater love with the Body and the team; Grace Moments radio program; listener responses in and outside of Zambia; finances for a building, team support, mission trips, transport to Lusaka for ZamCon in April; health of Aaron’s mother; Kitwe Team: Charles, Paul, Emmanuel, Elisha and Allan. 
    – Pastor Benson & Josephine Chinyanta
  • ZAMBIA | Lusaka
    Emmasdale church; plans for new places for evangelism and Bible studies; finances for rentals, trips to other cities in Zambia and to Namibia; Bible college. 
    – Pastor Belias & Grace Bwalya
  • ZIMBABWE | Harare
    Physical and spiritual health for the Brown and Timofte families; spiritual and material protection for our church with over 90% unemployment and worsening; February Bible college intake. 
    – Pastor Renaldo Brown
  • 1.Navi Mumbai
    INDIA | Navi Mumbai
    Church members to experience Body life; Bible college students to focus and understand God’s call on their lives; new people to come to church; Spirit-filled fellowships; godly relationship in church and families. 
    – Pastor Binu & Sheetal Zachariah
  • PHILIPPINES | Manila
    Blessing on new relationships; Dante and Carina; Bdek and Rosel; Mitchie; Janice and K Anne’s pregnancy; men’s retreat; Thursday afternoon Bible study. 
    – Pastor Clyde Dela Calzada
  • 2.Mae Sot
    THAILAND | Mae Sot
    Wisdom for new soul winning opportunities; follow-up; visitation; men to draw near; godliness, wisdom in initiations; anointed conversations; brokenness; humility; convictions; identity focus; simplicity; realizations of total depravity; God to move in the hearts of His people; active and staunch resistance to the spirits of passivity and compromise. 
    – Alexander Totiensri
  • THAILAND | Mahachai
    We want the mountains; God has given us some men from a Thai-Lahu tribe from Northern Thailand and we want more; a solid work to be established among them; wisdom for warfare; Cambodia mission trip in April; Singapore mission trip to visit John. 
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Rain
  • ALBANIA | tirana
    Finances of those traveling to Eurocon; some teens to be able to attend; fresh impact of the Gospel in the community around the church.
    – Pastor Dennis, Jayne & Ruth Hulett
  • GERMANY | Berlin
    Bible school classes; new vision for outreaches; children in the church to really get the message of salvation; team life; young men to be discipled and grow up as leaders; our health. 
    – Pastor Stephan & Mindy Stein
  • RUSSIA | Tsimlyansk
    Prison ministry; development of music ministry; believers in our city. 
    – Pastor Mihail & Yelena Loginov
  • SERBIA | Belgrade
    We are so thankful to be objects of His great grace; pray for visas and health insurance for all the family; meeting place; vision to start pre-school to come true; souls to be saved and discipled. 
    – Pastor Tomas, Eva, Elizabeta & David Bulicek
  • ECUADOR | Quito
    New believers; Bible college students; jobs for church members; wisdom and resources for the ministry.
    – Pastor Juan & Norma Franco
  • CANADA | Mississauga
    Follow up of 400 Muslim families that we met through Christmas Basket Gift Program; fruit from a distribution of 20,000 Jesus DVDs; plans for Mississauga outreaches; salvation for those we’ve shared the Gospel with; salvations of Afghani immigrants; church growth. 
    – Pastor Obaid & Tarana
  • montreal Canada
    CANADA | Montreal
    God to lead us and give us freshness in our vision for this year; souls; creativity to reach the lost; Bible college students; courage for our walk of faith. 
    – Pastor James & Jill Dadidis
  • USA | Greenfield, IN
    Don Barnes and Pastor Shepherd are a great compliment to each other. We have godly unity among believers; we pray that unity continues to deepen as we grow in Christ; our Body to experience the heartbeat of God in winning the lost; team members to join us in the Midwest; the need for the finished work teaching and understanding is tremendous. 
    – Don & Lori Barnes
  • USA | Lee, MA
    Souls, souls, souls at our jobs, in the stores, in restaurants, by all means, at all cost; disciples; ministry to the sick and elderly; Sunday school director and youth leader needed; young people; direction for Body members facing life-changing decisions; sale of our church building. 
    – Pastor David & Karen Stambovsky
  • USA | Brooklyn, NY
    Increase of hunger and thirst for the Word; Bible college classes; new students; teaching and preaching; building up of the Body; church growth; more young people; follow up; discipleship; to reach new areas; Bible studies; radio ministry; our Christian day school; oneness and unity among leaders; wisdom and protection for P. Michael and Suzanne Staples in Trinidad.
    – Pastor Sterling & Barbara Johnson
  • USA | Utica, NY
    Health of the Body; Bible college classes; church leadership; marriage and family events; growth of our Bus Ministry and team; details regarding the potential Summer Day Camp and summer tutorial program; planning of our annual June Missions Weekend. God is strengthening families and preparing us all for specific areas of ministry. Thank God with us for adding people to the Body. 
    – Pastor Kevin & Rene Lewis
  • USA | Laconia, NH
    Blessing on our jail and prison ministries, 3 nursing home out- reaches, 3 public access stations airing our Sunday services, dial-a-prayer phone service; pray for God to send us helpers. 
    – Pastor Robert & Eleanor Horne
  • USA | Las Vegas, NV
    Thankful for each person in our Body; new team member Sharon Eyring; our 1st Bible college semester; outreaches; preaching of the Word. 
    – Pastor Jon & Ildiko Perkins
  • USA | Pittsburg, PA
    Last year brought significant changes that have left us seeking God’s will concerning our ministry. Pray for clarity and vision; wisdom, direction and grace in all we do. 
    – Pastor Ron & Michele DeLouis
  • DOWNLOAD | January PDF
    - GG Missions
    New Year’s conference; safety; visa problems to be fixed; VIS to have more students; our spiritual influence to grow; souls.
  • USA | Baltimore, MD
    Bible college students to discover the depths of Christ; vision for planting churches in the region from Philadelphia to Baltimore; young people to function in their gifts; new leaders to be raised up; 55 weekly ministries caring for the deaf, women, children, men, addicts, homeless, etc.; church leaders’ travel calendar with visits, preaching at conferences encouraging churches in the U.S. and around the world. 
    – Pastor Thomas & Lisa Schaller
  • GG Day of Prayer
    The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. 
    James 5:16
  • USA | Broadalbin, NY
    Healing for Body members; creative evangelism and faith adventures; salvation of family members; growth in the Body’s commitment to discipleship; the Holy Spirit to break the bonds of traditionalism, so people can be free to engage the heart of Jesus. 
    – Pastor Lance & Heidi Borofsky
  • RUSSIA | Moscow
    January 6-8 Winter Conference; leaders and unity for church in Kazan; anointed Word in church and Bible college; disciples’ growth; outreach and mission. 
    – Pastor Vladimir & Irina Teplov
  • USA | Youngstown, OH
    Four public school Bible studies; more tract team members; prison ministry; inmates that get saved to find a church fellowship after their release. 
    – Don & Jen Fischer
  • USA | York, PA
    Finished Work understanding; start of youth ministry; break- throughs for families in battle for their children; anointing and wisdom for our leadership. 
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • MALI | Bamako
    Peace and security in Mali for the gospel; grace message to have an impact in daily evangelism; church growth; new students for the Bible school; health and finances.
    – Pastor Koffi & Odette Tsikplonu
  • DR CONGO | Kinshasa
    You have been our strength through Christ with prayer and fi- nancial support; pray for peace and open doors for missions in our country. 
    – Pastor Isaac & Nancy Saidi
  • KENYA | Kisii
    Healing for my wife Ruth from a long lasting illness; church growth and registration; more students to Bible college; finances to care for six orphans, their school uniforms, shoes and shelter; funds to buy land and build a church building; we meet under trees, rain affects attendance. 
    – Pastor David & Ruth Kenyanya
  • UGANDA | Nebbi
    Provision to buy land for the church in Angal; we look forward to an amazing year. 
    – Pastor Alfred & Janet Ochoun
  • 2-mozambique
    MOZAMBIQUE | Maputo
    Protection for church members; our country is going through a political and economical crisis; mission trip to the central province of Manica in January; Lebo’s pregnancy.
    – Pastor Jerónimo & Lebo Nhamahango
  • FINLAND | Tampere
    I have pastored here since 1993; the time has come for someone else to take the responsibility. Pray for a young man who feels that this could be his place to minister; gospel to penetrate hearts; messages on the internet to help listeners to grow in Christ.
    – Pastor Matti & Ritva Himanka
  • FRANCE |Montpellier
    Our newly opened Christian school; salvations and discipleship among university students; faithful young men willing to be discipled; Bible college classes are filled with students; many young people stick with the Word choosing the life of a disciple.
    – Pastor Yohann & Angela Pepe
  • FRANCE | Nimes
    An open door for the Gospel, need for a bigger church facility; P. Robert and Christine Colban ministering here for 5 months; provision to buy a church property with a Christian school, Bible college dorm, housing for the elderly. 
    – Pastor Jean & Patricia Cartier
  • HUNGARY | Pécs
    Mature team members to join us; disciples to be raised up; Bible school semester and students; teen ministry; teens to grow in faith; unity and love in families; husbands to get saved and be- come followers of Jesus; our personal schedules and inner room life. 
    – András & Viki Bartha
  • SWEDEN | Stockholm
    Wisdom in decision making and planning; new believers; disciples; opportunities. 
    – Pastor Mikael & Taina Toll
  • UK | Chester
    God came through with gifts and donations for our day school; pray for more students; people to go forward in faith. Praise God for outreach salvations. 
    – Pastor Alastair & Cathy Craddock
  • UK |London
    Your prayers have brought forth fruit in our church, Bible college, children’s and youth ministries. 
    – Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
  • TURKEY | Istanbul
    To reach English speaking Turks with the Gospel; support for our team member Nina; housing closer to church for the team; laborers to be called to this rich harvest field; anointing on messages and worship team; learning the language; pastors Volcan, Sefa, Levent, and Igar that labor with us; creativity in follow up; Bible school classes to begin as soon as possible.
    – Pastor Roger & Elwira Robbins
  • KYRGYZSTAN | Bishkek
    Outreaches to new areas; new people and disciples; more young people; a new generation of leaders to be raised up; finances for the completion of our building; electricity, plumbing, outside and inside plaster, inside walls, floor screed, ceiling insulation. 
    – Pastor Emil & Zharkynai Osmonaliev
  • INDIA | Hyderabad
    Pray that every member brings one every year to church; open doors in Balaji Nagar; protection and wisdom during outreaches; finances for church and needy students; addictions and attachments to be broken; Saidabad branch construction work; safe pregnancies for Kavitha and Saritha; deeper revelations of God’s ways; more laborers. 
    – Pastor John & Savia Gago
  • INDIA | Vasai West, Mumbai
    Team of like-minded disciples to reach out locally and nationally; wisdom as we look to reach Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Him- achal Pradesh, and Haryana; a bigger church and Bible college facility; maximum registrations for the new semester; anointed classes, transformed lives; youth ministry; men’s leadership times; an army of believers who would do great exploits to be raised up. 
    – Pastor Kishore & Cherie V.M.
  • 3-odisha-1
    INDIA | Odisha
    Evangelism; discipleship; Bible studies, Proclaimer Bible Radios, Bible and Gospel tracts distribution in unreached mountain villages; need 2 motor bikes for outreach; support for orphans and Bible college students; need land for our ministry here. 
    – Pastor Pradeep & Sumitra Limma
  • NEPAL | Kathmandu
    Thirty five Bible college students to complete the 4-year degree; radio ministry; 3,000 correspondence students to complete their Bible courses; reversal in country’s attempts to stop outreach; Je- sus film team traveling to remote areas of Nepal.
    – Pastor Rajan & Indu Neupane
  • NEPAL | Pokhara
    Leaders: James, Suraj, Gokarna and Roshan; fervency in Bible college; home Bible studies; in-reach; outreach; affiliates pastors: Abraham in Bajung, Arjun and Balu in Pokhara, Bil in Janta Chautara and Suk in Buddi Bazaar; post earthquake work in Gorkha, Dolkha and Sindupalchwok; people in need; healing for Jagat, recovery for Kabita from a heart operation, Chandra and Ramu; our family Upasana, Reuben, Prapti and our fourth child due in April. 
    – Pastor Narj & Sharmi Gurung
  • THAILAND | Bangkok
    Spiritual protection; priorities; to be inspired and encouraged; wisdom for leaders Ed, Jirat, Noom, John; personal investment; believers to learn to be ministers of the Word in creative ways in Bangkok and Nontaburi; unbelievers to get saved and find their hope and fulfillment through the King of Kings.
    – Pastor Arm & Tukata Akarataweethong
  • PHILIPPINES | Dumaguete City
    We’ve transitioned into a new building for church and Bible col- lege. Pray for outreaches into surrounding towns and cities; God to add souls and disciples. 
    – Pastor Manny & Molly Harrison
  • CHILE | Santiago
    Deeper understanding of His purpose for our lives and ministry; revival of faith in God's grace; greater reliance on the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives; prayer life; marriages; children; evangelism; weekly services; God to sustain and build the church. 
    Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya
  • NICARAGUA Managua
    God to enlarge the ministry; 5 soup kitchens feed 450 children; provision to continue to bless these poor children; my wife and son Josue. 
    Pastor Jose Maria & Ana Luisa Espinoza
    Download the Prayer Focus Calendar(PDF)
    - GG Missions
  • INDIA | Bangalore
    Mission trip to Orissa, Kolkata in December; conf. in Vizag; healing from leukemia for Pastor Huligoji in Bangrapet; salvations among foreign stu- dents and workers in Bangalore; leading for Bible college graduates, to be confirmed in their calling as they take steps of faith; our new church building needs an electrical transformer.
    – Pastor Bryan & Marina Coelho
  • PAKISTAN | Lahore
    More Bible college students; Friday healing meetings; Sunday worship; prayer meetings; that I could serve Jesus Christ faithfully. 
    – Pastor Imran
  • PHILIPPINES | Manila
    Wisdom and guidance for our head of state, President Duterte; Dec. 18 Christmas outreach service; harvest of souls; new ministry opportunities in Asia; P. Delfin who invited us to Japan; churches wishing to affiliate with us; Pastors Rick in Cebu, Advento in Dipolog City, Jonathan and Manny in Dumaguete City; John in Malaybalay City; Sam in Cagayan De Oro City; Lirio, Mario, and Bernard in Bohol; Dario in Siquijor, Elpidio in Gensan City; Benjie in Davao City, Eva Paghasian in Pagadian City; ordination of Jhun Garcia; financial blessings to support local pastors; P. Drew’s visits to us. 
    – Pastor Clyde Dela Calzada
  • THAILAND | Mahachai
    Many to attend the conf. in Bangkok Dec. 2-6; hearing ears and hearts; discernment and sensitivity to the will of God; efforts to strengthen the Bible school with long-term plans; plans for a mission trip to Batabang, Cambodia, in April. 
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Raina
    Spreading of the Gospel and Friday services in Kulanly; spiritual growth of believers; strength to go and encourage believers in other villages; wisdom for outreaches in Mary; His approach for this nation.
    – Pastor Toyli & Maysa Annamuhammedov
  • 2-uzbekistan-1
    Christmas celebration; mission trips to Navoi and Bukhara; faith revival in the church; our new president. 
    –Pastor Toir & Mahfuza
  • GREATER GRACE Day of Prayer
    To quiet ourselves, to pray with quietness of heart may lead to spiritual, fervent prayer, which is very effective. How could a huge change take place? How could a city or a country change? By prayer, fervent prayer. Lord, do this, please, Amen.
    - GG Missions
  • USA | Elgin, IL
    New disciples to find their home with us; praise the Lord for those who have been added recently; “What we believe” series to strengthen the church and draw us together in like-minded faith; outreaches and Christmas dinner to demonstrate Christ’s love and draw people to be- come part of the church; a fresh vision and provision for the New Year. 
    – Pastor Jack & Nicole Wheatley
  • USA | Dorchester, MA
    Growth for serious young people; God calls the young because they are strong, most of all, strong in the Lord; as workers together, let’s work while it is still day. 
    – Pastor Joel Samuel
  • USA | Searsmont, ME
    We feel led to begin a homeless shelter ministry and are waiting on the Lord for a door to open for the right location and the right facility. We believe God for every seat in our church to be filled by the end of the year. 
    – Pastor Peter & Kim Sheff
  • USA | York, PA
    Church location nearer to the neighborhood we want to be in; start of our Bible club; partnership with Teen Haven; start of “Released Time” in the local elementary school; Bible college students; church growth; open doors for the biggest outreach season of the year.
    – Pastor Jay & Ann-Marie Estabrook
  • USA | York, PA
    Revelation of the Finished Work favor toward us; start of youth ministry; breakthroughs for several families in battle for their kids; joy and fruitful- ness in ministry during Christmas season; anointing and wisdom for our leadership. 
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • USA | York, PA
    Revelation of the Finished Work favor toward us; start of youth ministry; breakthroughs for several families in battle for their kids; joy and fruitful- ness in ministry during Christmas season; anointing and wisdom for our leadership. 
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • RUSSIA | Tyumen
    Many unsaved loved ones to be drawn to Jesus during this Christmas season; debt for our church facility to be paid off by the end of the year; visitors to come and bless us in Tyumen with their portions!
    – Pastor Pavel & Marina Gailans
  • SERBIA | Belgrade
    Paperwork for a permit to stay in Serbia; we need a meeting place; la- borers; wisdom from above; vision and ways to reach all of Serbia and beyond. 
    – Pastor Tomas & Eva Bulicek
  • ARGENTINA | Rosario
    This international church-planting team is growing and now’s the time to get in. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg, and it’s going to sink the titanic lie that people aren’t looking for God. Indeed, He has put eternity in their hearts, and we are on the cusp of something awesome here.
    – Pastor Stan & Karen Collins
  • BRAZIL | Belo Horizonte
    Healing for Pastor’s wife from pain in spine; our son Isac in Baltimore at MBCS; special Christmas outreaches; church growth.
    – Pastor Geraldo & Elaine Oliveira
  • ECUADOR | Quito
    Jobs for those in need; ministry needs; high school students; health.
    – Pastor Juan & Norma Franco
  • D.R. CONGO | Kinshasa
     Pray for peace and open door for missions in our country. 
    – Pastor Isaac & Nancy Saidi
  • D.R. CONGO | Lubumbashi
    Lift our country to God for more peace; leader to start a new church; fast-growing disciples Dany, Bailey, and Héritier; Phely’s high school diploma exam; women in our church. 
    – Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba
  • GAMBIA | Banjul
     Success for our new radio program in the West Coast of Gambia aired every Saturday at 7pm; many to tune in to the broadcast and be drawn to God’s kingdom. 
    – Pastor Dennis Ejila
  • GHANA | Kakasunaka
    Roofing sheet to complete our chapel; new works in the Volta Region cities of Akatsi, Sogakope, Abor, and Dzodze; support for these church plants; more Bible college students. May the glory be to God. 
    – Pastor Seega & Angela Morckli
  • 3-kpando_ghan
    GHANA | Kpando
    Pray for us; our orphange; new churches in the villages; more grace to be on us to reach out to more souls. 
    – Pastor Anthony & Beatrice Agbemafle
  • KENYA | Ngara
    Need for a Bible college teacher; evangelism teams that visit newly planted churches; completion of our church building in Ngara township.
    – Pastor Davis & Ebby Shyogotera
  • RWANDA | Kigale
    Plans to start Bible college in January; the needed paperwork and provisions to come through; many to sign up for classes. 
    – Pastor David Hategekimana
  • Merry Christmas
    For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. 
    – Isaiah 9:6
  • ZAMBIA | Kitwe
    Mission trips during the semester break; more growth; souls to be won; vision for Kakolo, Chingola; ZamCon 2017 in Lusaka. 
    – Pastor Benson & Josephine Chinyanta
  • CYPRUS | Limassol
    Pray for breakthroughs: people to get saved and follow God; to see through religion and break out of religious bondage that blinds them from the true gospel; spiritual growth and maturity in the group that already gathers. 
    – Pastor Larry & Bev Speedy
  • FINLAND | Helsinki
    We will have a great change in January as the senior pastor, Juha Haatanen, steps aside and Pastor Risto Kyro becomes the leading pastor of our Helsinki church. Pray that transition goes smoothly.
    – Pastor Juha & Tuikku Haatanen
  • FINLAND | Jyvaskyla
    Pastor Schaller’s visit in the beginning of January; blessing on all the travels and arrangements; hearts to be open; new Body members to find their place; visitors; university outreach; workers for youth and children’s ministries. 
    – Pastor Risto & Liisa Kraama
  • FINLAND | Kuopio
    Pray for the country of Finland (100 years of independence on Dec. 6, 2017); spiritual awakening in the nation; special protection on our church and members during the winter months; growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for God´s favor on our church! 
    – Pastor Bjorn & Riitta Cederberg
  • ROMANIA | Bucharest
    We pray that God will touch and save people this winter, new people to come to the Body here, anointing on our meetings, boldness in sharing the Gospel always. 
    – Pastor Mircea & Roxi Crucianu
  • November Prayer Focus
    DOWNLOAD November Prayer Focus PDF
    – GG Missions
  • the-browns
    USA | New orleans
    Prayer for evangelism outreaches.
    – Pastor Don & Nona Brown
  • GG Day of Prayer
    Let’s pray and fast for the work of Greater Grace through the God of all grace.
    – Pastor Thomas Schaller
  • CANADA | Mississauga
    Outreaches in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto; souls to get saved; church growth; Friday night worship services; jobs for us.
    – Obaid & Tarana Obaidullah
  • COSTA RICA | San Jose
    People in the “God in Action” rehab to embrace the Finished Work message. Orphanage (infant - 6 years) that is together with our church has taken on another house to raise young girls (11-20). The house needs lots of work and operates on faith! Pray for the Bible Institute students to hunger and thirst for the Word and presence of God; conference plans the first week of December. Transition is going great as we are growing in numbers and closeness.
    – Brent & Lucy Hillenga
  • NICARAGUA | Managua
    Growth of our 4 neighborhood churches in Somoto, Hugo Chavez, Lomas de Guadalupe, and Villa Miguel Gutierrez; food for soup kitchens feeding 450 children; covering, finances for P. Jose Maria and family; Davises transitioning back to Hershey, PA.
    - Pastor Ken & Kiti Davis
  • Day of Prayer
    Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church Christians in more than 60 countries facing persecution from their governments or surrounding neighbors because of their belief in Jesus Christ; in North Korea, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia,Sudan, Iran, and Libya believers face extreme persecution; over 50,000 Christians suffer from torture in North Korean labor camps.
  • USA | Lee MA
    Sale of our building before the cold months come; an affordable rental place strategically located; renewed personal and corporate vision; to have the Father’s heart for souls and be abandoned in reaching them; healing for Tom and Christina; blessing on a new family, Alex, Robin & Ari; Charla’s healing after successful surgery.
    – Pastor David & Karen Stambovsky
  • USA | Pittsburgh PA
    Pray for our assembly as someone very dear to us and a vital member was called home recently. This was our second such loss this year. Pray for some seasoned believers to be called to come and help us in the ministry.
    – Pastor Ron & Michele DeLouis
  • USA | West Central Florida
    To know God’s heart for the target areas and methods to reach people with the finished work message; services in Ocala; people to be added through salvations and outreaches; Angie’s health.
    – Pastor Chris & Angie McFarland
  • ALBANIA | Tirana
    For those who received the seed of the Gospel in Macedonia and Kosovo to be watered and harvested; return trips to Struga, Tetova, Prishtina, Gjokova, and Prizren; weekend mission trips in Albania by the Bible school students; church to discern cultural demons and spiritual warfare.
    – Pastor Dennis & Jayne Hulett
  • FINLAND | Tampere
    Good health for the elderly; soul winning; fresh anointing for services, Bible studies, and all the preaching of the Word.
    – Pastor Matti & Ritva Himanka
  • FINLAND | Vaasa
    Our 20-year church anniversary celebration Jan. 6-7 with Pastors Schaller and Haatanen; young ladies Bible Club; course on Thessalonians taught by Matti Ritala on Friday nights; young adults evangelization on Saturdays.
    – Pastor Tero & Riitta Fredriksson
  • FRANCE | Montpellier
    Government authorization for our Christian school to come through; more Bible college students; focus on classes; start of 7 Footsteps for new people in church.
    – Pastor Yohann & Angela Pepe
  • FRANCE | Paris
    Two precious sisters going through cancer treatment.
    – Pastor Michel & Pascale Texier
  • HUNGARY | Pécs
    Mature team members to join us; disciples to be raised up; Bible school semester and students; unity and love in church, marriages, and families; unsaved husbands to get saved and become disciples; personal schedules and inner room life.
    – Pastor Andras & Viki Bartha
  • ROMANIA | Cluj
    Church planting in Cluj; protection; wisdom in schedules; anointed evangelism; investment in discipleship; a meeting place; a car to travel to villages; vision for Chisinau, Moldova; team member Gary Toft.
    – Pastor Julian & Natella Timofte
  • ROMANIA | Sfantu Gheorghe
    God’s leading and peace in situations; healing for Janos; deliverances in people’s lives; team member Polina; new team members.
    – Ádám Szabó
  • SWEDEN | Ludvigsborg
    Church and outreach in nearby town Höör; ministry in Malmö; wisdom in discipleship; our young believers Afrah and Lars, Daniel and Vida; outreaches; souls, souls and more souls! Trip to Qatar to visit Hada and Stewart, our contacts there.
    – Pastor Magnus & Judy Gustavsson
  • SWEDEN | Stockholm
    Souls to be saved; hungry disciples; people to go to Bible college and be trained for future leadership; wisdom in decision-making concerning ministry, planning and strategy.
    – Pastor Mikael & Taina Toll
  • UK Chester | Ellesmere Port
    Opportunities in outreach and Bible school; health needs within the Body of Christ; people’s work situations; finances and wisdom for the way ahead for our Christian school which is in need of new students and funding.
    – Pastor Alastair & Cathy Craddock
  • UK | London
    Nov. 26–Dec .2 mission trip to Cyprus to visit Pastor Larry and Bev Speedy. Thank God for the privilege of harvesting in this great multicultural city of London; God is doing a great work, Nehemiah 6:3.
    – Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
  • INDIA | Goa
    God is working in and through us in an amazing way. The need is overwhelming; laborers are few, harvest is plentiful; pray earnestly for Goa, that the Lord of harvest sends in laborers.
    – Pastor Dinesh K & Sindhya John
  • pokhara_gurungs
    NEPAL | Pokhara
    Clarity and concentration as truth and life is communicated at Bible classes; home Bible studies to draw people and establish them in the faith; work in villages with P. Abraham’s church in Bajung; Kabita’s heart surgery to replace or repair the valves; healing for Jagat Kumari; our family.
    – Pastor Narj & Sharmi Gurung
  • Philippines Ladies ministry
    PHILIPPINES | Dumaguete City
    Bible college semester; new church and Bible college facilities; wisdom; divine appointments; souls, souls, souls!
    – Pastor Manny & Molly Harrison
  • TAJIKISTAN | Panjakent
    Visiting church members; hospital ministry; village outreaches; trips to Dushanbe and Hudzande; growth in the Word; my daughter Mavzhuda; finances; new place to live; taking final exams for the Bible school in Tyumen; come and visit us.
    – Rustam Hudaykulov
  • THAILAND | Mae Sot
    Encouragement for the men in Mae Sot; to lose self life and gain Christ; to be drowned in mercy; to love God’s righteous judgments; anointing in conversations, Bible school classes, preaching; the Holy Spirit conviction of God’s will; His life to be manifest through the broken vessel.
    – Alexander Totiensri
  • BENIN | Cotonou
    Souls are being won in our church plant in Calavi; pray for acquiring a plot of land to put up a roof; get chairs and a small sound system; door to door evangelism; sketch board; mime; teaching of the Word.
    – Pastor Arnold & Chantal Messanvi
  • KENYA | Kisii
    Church registration; Bible school to grow; funds to buy land and build a church building.
    – Pastor David & Ruth Kenyanya
  • MALAWI | Lilongwe
    Over 200 registered Bible college students; follow up trips to cities after summer missions; our national radio program; church visitation, ministries to women and couples; home schooling girls with little Noah in the mix; Mom’s rehab after knee replacement; to join us in November along with Dad.
    – Pastor Chris & Julie Arman
  • UGANDA | Nebbi
    Bible college semester; land for the Angal church; new work in Panyimur fishing site; outreach in Parombo; provisions in the midst of food shortage; finances.
    – Pastor Alfred & Janet Ochoun
  • October Prayer Focus
    DOWNLOAD October Prayer Focus PDF
    – GG Missions
  • RUSSIA | Moscow
    Bible college; growth of disciples; mission trips, church planting in cities near Moscow: Ryazan, Tula and Yaroslavl; preachers’ growth in the Word; deep fellowship in the Word; encouragement; concert in Moscow; souls to be saved; spiritual growth for church in Kazan; visit to Kaliningrad in November; my wedding Oct. 1 to Irina.
    – Pastor Vladimir Teplov
  • DR CONGO | Kinshasa
    Finances for “You and I for Missions” agriculture project; church planting trip to Bas-Congo Oct. 2nd.
    – Pastor Isaac & Nancy Saidi
  • texas-map
    USA | Houston,TX
    We moved here in July. Our summer and September have been very fruitful. We are growing quickly with new people each month. P. Love comes down the first weekend of October with a team visiting us from Austin. Check us out at www.gracetransforms.us 
    – Pastor Christian & Gosia Moore
  • P Stan & Karen
    ARGENTINA | Rosario
    Multiple opportunities exist for missionary endeavor here in Rosario, both short and long term. You could come. Or you could pray for those who are coming. God will send forth the laborers; for surely this field is white into harvest.
    – Pastor Stan & Karen Collins
  • facebook-image41-300×157[1]
    Greater Grace Day of Prayer
    Good News Clubs in public schools, Christian Sports Clubs to change Baltimore neighborhoods; direction for churches in transition in Marlborough, MA; Hatboro, PA, and Helsinki, Finland; church planting in Houston, TX, Wilmington, DE; Federal Hill, Baltimore; remember all the U.S. churches and their leaders; Pastors’ conf. Oct 13-15; American presidential elections; Bible colleges worldwide.
    – Pastor Thomas Schaller
  • chile - church
    CHILE | Santiago
    “May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of our understanding being enlightened; that we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power,” Eph. 1:16-20. All for His glory.
    – Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya
  • CANADA | Montreal
    Oct. 8-10 conf.; young people to be drawn to discipleship; many to be added to the Body; my family, vision, courage to go forward; a strong team and work in Toronto and surrounding areas; God to save and speak to those we have ministered to.
    – Pastor James & Jill Dadidis
  • KAZAKHSTAN | Almaty
    New people in church; discipleship; wisdom in serving; church registration; we thank our dear heavenly Father for His faithfulness.
    – Pastor Yura Morev
  • TURKEY | Istanbul
    Pray for our team; for more laborers to this harvest field; wisdom with new believers; follow up of many contacts; English speaking Turks to be called to church. Pray for the spirit of revival upon Istanbul.
    – Pastor Roger & Elwira Robbins
  • uzbekistan
    UZBEKISTAN | Samarkand
    Pray for our country and the new president; Bible college classes and students Margub, Shahlo, Shirina, Holida, Dilbar, Machbuba; our students Ilgys and Shahboz in Baku; health of P. Toir and Mahfuza; strengthening of believers in Samarkand, Tashkent, Alalyka, Ahangaran, villages of Sazagan and Arab.
    – Pastor Toir & Mahfuza
  • INDIA | Borivali
    People to see the truth of the gospel and turn to the living God during this season of many Hindu festivals; our Hindi and English churches in Mumbai suburbs; Bible college students; wisdom in planning for Christmas outreach; a young man in Assam wanting to serve God to be able to come to our October conf. and join Bible college; covering on Pastor’s family; wife, children Aradhana and Adarsh.
    – Pastor Shekhar & Arti VM
  • INDIA | Hyderabad
    We thank God for church growth, Bible college and dorms; pray for the health of teachers and students; spirit of unity and edification in the Body; people to overcome their struggles and heartbreaks; new branch to be opened up in a right area; salvation of souls; laborers for the work; youth pastor to be raised up; preservation of meeting places and lodgings; construction of Saidabad church walls; safe pregnancies for Kavitha and Sony; financial stability for the church and members.
    – Pastor John & Savia Gag
  • Projects
    NEPAL | Katmandu
    Students graduating from our 3-year program in October; some of them plan to minister in Nepal’s least reached west region; a church plant there needs a leader; churches are growing rapidly but often with little teaching; equipping of our students for the ministry; radio ministry; correspondence courses; Jesus film ministry; housing for the Hope Family orphans and P. Rajan’s family; full recovery of sight for Ganish; healing of liver for Choki; the recent anti-Christian push to ease with the new government; the bill criminalizing conversions seems to have stalled in the parliament.
    – Pastor Jon & Diane Post
  • THAILAND | Bangkok
    New people have come to church in our new location; Sunday school has started; pray for Bible school students and teachers; discipleship; protection, love and wisdom for leaders Arm, Ed, Jirat, and Noom, John; new leaders, youth workers, translators and musicians to be raised up; salvation for Lui, Jin, Ning, Deer, June, and Thoy; follow up; Body life; ministries in Bangkok, Nontaburi, and Chasoengsao; English Club ministry; covering on Lek and his pregnant wife; jobs for Neng and Dennis; Dec. 2-6 conf. plans and visitors.
    – Pastor Arm & Tukata Akarataweethong
  • thailand-market
    THAILAND | Mahachai
    Bible school students in Mahachai and Cambodia; Singapore John in Scotland studying online with us; mission trip to Batabang, west Cambodia next year; finances for trips.
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Raina
  • SOUTH KOREA | Seoul
    Thanking God for an amazing conference “Making God’s Thoughts Our Thoughts;” fruit that remains from our trips to Japan; Pastor Sejun’s year in Baltimore; soul winning in new places in Seoul; Bible college classes to continue with new students.
    – Pastor Steve DeVries
  • Kitwe-Church-at-Zamcon-2016
    ZAMBIA | Kitwe
    Oct. 16-19 Leadership Conf. with P. Brown with leaders from Zambia, Congo DR, South Africa and Malawi; disciples Aaron, Paul, Charles and Evans; support and wisdom for outreaches to the towns of Chingola, Kalulushi, Chililabombwe, Luanshya, Ndola and Mufulira in our Copperbelt province; peace in Zambia after the general elections.
    – Pastor Benson & Josephine Chinyanta
  • pastor-bernard
    ZAMBIA | Livingstone
    Changes in our music ministry; growth of hospital ministry; plans to start to support some orphans in our church. 
    – Pastor Bernard & Maggie Ntalasha
  • CYPRUS | Limassol
    3 Cypriot men who are asking questions to get saved; divine appointments as we outreach daily; salvations; people to come to church and hear the Word of God and live. Pray against hindering spirits. Thank you for standing with us, the battle is the Lord’s.
    – Pastor Larry & Bev Speedy
  • IVORY COAST | Abidjan
    We thank the Lord Jesus for the Bible courses; they have been a great blessing to the Body of Christ here.
    – Pastor Emile & Helene Konan
  • FINLAND | Helsinki
    Soul winning this fall; new methods of evangelization; new people in church; God’s healing touch for our brothers and sisters with serious illnesses.
    – Pastor Juha & Tuikku Haatanen
  • HUNGARY | Budapest
    Our amazing new disciples; Budapest G3 pastors and leaders; new students in CETA Bible school, a growing body of foreign students; new men’s dorm; 20 churches in Hungary and their leaders, teams, schools, mission work.
    – Pastor Zoltan Mustafa
  • HUNGARY | North-East
    Churches in Debrecen and Miskolc experience steady growth. From Debrecen, 6 moved to Budapest for Bible school. Pray for new people; good meeting places in both cities; financial support.
    – Pastor Bendegúz & Eszter Szük
  • ROMANIA | Bucharest
    Bible school classes; fresh anointing over us as a church; our personal walk with the Lord; evangelism; souls to be saved and added to church; visit P. Tomas in Serbia this fall.
    – Pastor Mircea & Roxi Crucianu
  • tomas-bulicek
    SERBIA | Belgrade
    We give thanks to God for this new work in the Balkans; God’s hand on soulwinning; meeting place; Oct. 21-23 Balkan conference; team; permit tostay here; homeschooling; our finances.  buliceks.blogspot.com
    – Pastor Tomas & Eva Bulicek
  • UKRAINE | Lviv
    New school year; our country; help, provision, food and medical supplies for war refugees here in Lviv.
    – Pastor Mikhailo & Vita Hrishchenko
  • odessa, ukraine
    UKRAINE | Odessa
    Premises for church offices and youth ministry; women’s prison ministry; people available to serve; trips to Vinnitsa; start of church and Bible school there; finances for treatment and healing of pastor’s wife; financial support for Pastor.
    – Pastor Alexander & Tatyana Tkachuk
  • USA | Enfield, CT
    God’s direction on getting an old Greek Orthodox Church building in Enfield; Body life; physical healings; strengthening of marriages.
    – Pastor Paul & Anne Paradis
  • USA | Miami, FL
    Our prayer is for God to raise up helpers to evangelize this wonderful city of Miami; a need for musicians and Sunday school workers. God is working here.
    – Pastor Ken & Cynthia Feyers
  • USA | Utica, NY
    Protection for school children; BUS MINISTRY to the Utica/Rome area as we get the bus registered and ready to start; need for drivers and monitors, Sunday school teachers, classroom assistants and finances; ladies Bible studies; men’s groups; Bible college; covering over the health of the Body.
    – Pastor Kevin & Rene Lewis
  • USA | York, PA
    Believers to see themselves through the eyes of grace; corporate Body apprehension of God’s eternal purpose; strategic and fruitful outreaches; church growth in souls and in Spirit.
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • D.R. CONGO | Lubumbashi
    Over 20 new Bible college students this semester; Billy, our first graduate, teaching a class; Yvonne’s cyst surgery; covering for church; finances; provision for the team.
    –Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba
  • Greater Grace Benin
    BENIN | Cotonou
    Mission team; sketch board evangelism; acquisition of land and construction of church.
    –Pastor Arnold & Chantal Messanvi
  • GHANA | Takoradi
    Church planting in Ketan/BU about 15 minutes from Takoradi; weekly outreaches; souls to be won and added to the church; finances to complete our church building in BU; direction and creative ways to promote Bible college; Pastor Chuck’s visit in September. 
    –Pastor Henry & Yeleyon Nkrumah
  • MALAWI | Lilongwe
    Our 4th year students and their last semester of studies; wisdom and leading for people in their call; P. Albert leading the new church; need for a piece of property for our church; follow up to 5 city summer harvest trips; future churches in those cities. 
    –Pastor Chris & Julie Arman
  • MOZAMBIQUE | Maputo
    Provision and trip details for our team and church members to go to South African Conference in October. 
    –Pastor Jerónimo & Lebo Nhamahango
  • CANADA | Toronto
    Hundreds of people have been killed and wounded by terrorist attacks in Afghanistan; the gospel of love and peace must be proclaimed. We face many challenges as newcomers to Canada; pray for our outreach to South Asian people; salvation for over 1,000 people who have received the Jesus DVD; Arabic tract to be an effectual tool; our Friday prayer meetings; visits from Baltimore and Montreal.
    –Pastor Obaid & Tarana
  • Greater Grace Day of Prayer
    Start up of Christian schools and Bible colleges; covering and focus for students; anointing on classes; fall outreaches; follow up for those reached by summer harvest teams; women’s seminar Sept. 24. 
    -GG Missions
  • Lee, MA
    Sale of our church building; suitable, strategic rental space; personal and corporate vision to be strengthened, clearly defined, embraced; souls, souls, souls! Healing for Charla, Laura, Tony, Tom. 
    –Pastor David & Karen Stambovsky
  • Baltimore, MD
    Bible college semester; Christian schools; covering for those in public schools and colleges; protection and fruit at outreaches; many to turn to the Lord in these challenging days; follow up after summer harvest teams; church planting in those cities; our government and elections; preservation of our freedoms; Christians to stay single-eyed.  
    –Pastor Thomas & Lisa Schaller
  • Pittsburgh, PA
    Blessing on our outreaches and services; like minded people to be added to our fellowship; fall schedule; balance of work and ministry; vision for Bible college. 
    –Pastor Ron & Michele DeLouis
  • York, PA
    A team house and church building; our booth at the York County Fair; a great semester with many new students in our Bible school for the fall semester. 
    –Pastor Jay & Ann-Marie Estabrook
  • COSTA RICA | San Jose
    A new chapter in CR; many are jumping in with both feet to be active participants; fall Bible Institute semester; guys from the rehab/redemptive center need housing, to be actively involved in the ministry; plans to open a pizza shop for jobs; Lucy and I need an apartment close to church; our part in the Home of Living Faith Orphanage.  
    –Brent & Lucy Hillenga
  • ECUADOR | Quito
    God to touch hearts at outreach; church growth; Bible Institute students the Tiban and Argoti families; jobs for church members. 
    –Pastor Juan & Norma Franco
  • INDIA | Navi Mumbai
    Bible school semester; revival in our personal relationship with God; anointing in our meetings. We have recently been facing opposition during street evangelism. We are trusting God to teach us to be fishers of men and to give us open doors. P. Binu & Sheetal. 
    –Pastor Devendra & Neelam Pandey
  • INDIA | Bangalore
    Bible college semester; finances for the 8 new students from a village in AP; church and school moving to new premises; many to attend mini conferences in branch ministries; hunger and thirst for God’s Word; health of senior citizens, leaders, children, Body members; prepared hearts, anointing, logistical details for the Oct. 20-24 conference with Pastor Scibelli. 
    –Pastor Bryan & Marina Coelho
  • INDIA | Gujarat
    Unreached people groups in Gujarat and Madhyapradesh; wisdom and strength, traveling mercies for teams going to village churches to minister; Bible college training centers; motorbikes for pastors.  
    –Pastor Arpit & Aradhana Parmar
  • INDIA | Vasai West
    Wisdom in getting a bigger place for church; more men and women to be raised up for the work ahead; mission trip to Chandigarh, Punjab and Bhutan Sept. 8-16; visit to a new district in Punjab on the Lahore border; open doors in Pakistan; family and church; Bible college semester. 
    –Pastor Kishore & Cherie VM
  • Vizag map
    INDIA | Vizag
    Spiritual growth for young Bible college students John, Hanook, Rajesh, Anil, Ravi and Payal; their decision to continue in Bible school. Pray for a worship team; volunteers to help with Sunday school; good health for Mr. Kurian, Mr. Ranjith, our daughter Jenissa.  
    –Pastor Arul & Jebita Arul
  • NEPAL | Pokhara
    Bible college students; Holy Spirit anointing in each class; home Bible studies: area leaders James, Gokarna and Suraj; freshness and unity; Rabin, dad Bhim, mum Jeet Kumari, brothers Binod and Pandu in Dhampus village; salvations; encouragement for affiliate churches with Pastors Arjun, Abraham and Suk Bahadur; wedding of Roshan and Sunita in October; October conf.; youth camp in November; Sharmi caring for our children Upasana, Reuben and Prapti; P. Narj’s schedule.  
    –Pastor Narj & Sharmi Gurung
  • TAJIKISTAN | Panjakent
    Home groups; visiting the sick; soulwinning; weekly services on Wednesdays and Sundays; worship team, guitar.  
    –Rustam Hudaykulov
  • ALBANIA | Tirana
    Tomi Gjoka as he begins his second year at MBCS; students taking classes here in Tirana; new students and disciples; sale of our missions van and purchase of another.  
    –Pastor Dennis, Jayne & Ruth Hulett
  • FINLAND | Tampere
    Transition time in our church; healing and vitality for the elderly; evangelism; fresh anointing at the Bible studies and services.  
    –Pastor Matti & Ritva Himanka
  • FINLAND | Vaasa
    University campus outreach to reach students from all over the world; Friday night book café and Bible study together with our young adults and Vaasa Mission church; Matti Ritala teaching it; young ladies’ weekly Bible club led by Riitta F. and Ritva K. to grow, young women to grow in the Word.
    –Pastor Tero & Riitta Fredriksson
  • Greater Grace in Paris
    FRANCE | Paris
    Protection from terrorism for the churches in France and for every believer; wisdom and faith in these dark times; boldness to preach the true peace in Jesus-Christ; souls to get saved; presidential elections next year.
    –Pastor Michel & Pascale Texier
  • HUNGARY | Pécs
    Mature team members to join us; God’s leading in ministry; disciples to be raised up; unity and love in our church. 
    –Pastor András &Viki Bartha
  • RUSSIA | St. Petersburg
    September outreach to Yevpatoriya and three other cities in the Crimea targeting tourists, students, elderly people; handicapped facilities. May heaven rejoice seeing the glory of the Lord’s Finished Work in action. 
    –Pastor Valdislav & Galina Gromov
  • SWEDEN | Ludvigsborg
    Our ministry here; new people in church; outreach in nearby Höör. 
    –Pastor Magnus Gustavsson
  • SWEDEN | Stockholm
    Pray for newly saved people, disciples and Bible college students; momentum we enjoyed this summer to continue; planning of this coming year; wisdom in decision making.
    –Pastor Mikael & Taina Toll
  • UK | Chester
    Please urgently pray as we start another school year that our Greater Grace Christian School will have enough students to continue and meet all bills or find another source of funding. Pray for salvations and new church members.
    –Pastor Alistair & Cathy Craddock
  • UK | London
    Pray for our Grace Bible Institute that has resumed; students to know the hope of their calling as they faithfully study amidst working full time and their family responsibilities; need for a youth leader for our teens; continued fruit as we evangelize.
    –Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
    Grace Moments in Malawi
    Across from my parents’ home, there is an office of one of the national radio stations. When a friend visited us last year, he encouraged us to inquire what it would take to be on that station given its scope and convenience. We thought we could never be able to afford it as a church, but we asked in faith. It turned out that it wasn’t as much as we thought and after negotiating the price, God put it on a company’s heart to support the whole program for one year. Now we are live on the radio every Tuesday in a prime time from 7:00 - 7:30 pm reaching the whole country of Malawi with the message of grace, receiving texts and questions from different parts of the country.
    – Pastor Chris & Julie Arman
  • Uzbekistan
    Means for many of us to go to the Central Asian conference in Kyrgyzstan, Aug. 1-6; outreaches in villages; more souls to get saved; new believers.
    – Pastor Toir & Mahfuza
  • Greater Grace Day of Prayer
    For summer harvest teams; our leaders’ travels; city and neighborhood outreaches; protection and blessings for families on their holidays and summer visits; Camp Life; Bible College enrollment and preparation.
    - GG Missions
  • Romania | Bucharest
    Summer in the Word, missions, reaching the lost; focus on resurrection life; many to attend conference in Vlahita, Aug. 1-5; new students for Bible school; thankful for our baby Xenia.
    – Pastor Mircea & Roxi Crucianu
  • UK | London
    Evangelism; fruit from the summer harvest; group visiting from Baltimore the first weekend of August; God to bless the UK conference, Aug 12-14, with Pastor Bruce Wright.
    – Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
  • Uganda | Nansana
    August is a month of conferences: Pastors R. Brown and Jabulani are our guest speakers at youth conference, Aug 5-6; Grace Feast, Aug 7; pastors’ retreat, Aug 8-14; northern Uganda conference in Lira, Aug 13-14; Nambale, Kenya, Aug 19-21; and lastly Rwanda, Aug 23-25. Bible college starts Sept. 3.
    – Pastor Sam & Millie Muhima
  • Ghana | Ashaiman
    Young people to attend church; many to get involved in outreach; scheduling of a midweek service; more students from Ashaiman church to go to Bible college.
    – Pastor Francis Arhin
  • Ghana | Ashaiman New Town
    Believers to grow in their relationships with God; teenagers to have open hearts to know God more; Bible college enrollment; church in Newland Katamanso with Pastor Sunu; general elections in our country in November.
    – Pastor Lawson & Rejoice Doe
  • Ghana | Klagon
    Many souls to get saved and added to church; new people to join us from the church neighborhood; we need windows and doors for the chapel to make it more secure; construction of church offices; lives tobe transformed by the power of the Word.
    – Pastor John & Mary Jason
  • Ivory Coast | Abidjan
    Our churches are growing in grace and are full of joy; a new generation of missionaries to be raised up, Matt. 9:36-39; pray for peaceful elections in September; intensified summer Bible school, Aug. 22-Sept. 2.
    – Pastor Emile & Helene Konan
  • Mali | Bamako
    Evangelism; peace and security in Mali; God’s will for the church; new students for Bible school; a stable place for church; deep convictions for new members; spiritual maturity for disciples; our health and finances.
    – Pastor Koffi & Odette Tsikplonu
  • Uganda | Nebbi
    Covering for everyone coming to northern Uganda conference; finances to purchase land to build a chapel for the church in Angal.
    – Pastor Alfred & Janet Ochoun
  • DSCF8405
    Zambia | Lusaka
    Emmasdale church; women’s conference, Sept. 1-4; men’s leadership conference in October.
    – Pastor Belias & Grace Bwalya
  • Ghana | Klagon
    Many souls to get saved and added to church; new people to join us from the church neighborhood; we need windows and doors for the chapel to make it more secure; construction of church offices; lives to be transformed by the power of the Word.
    – Pastor John & Mary Jason
  • Kitwe-Church-at-Zamcon-2016
    Zambia | Kitwe
    Wisdom in leadership; motivation of team members; young men serving in the Body; finances and transportation to a new Bible study in Kakolo, 20 km from Kitwe church; disciples Paul, Lubita, and Allan. Thanking God for the grace response to our radio program that reaches Zambia and beyond.
    – Pastor Benson & Josephine Chinyanta
  • Zambia | Livingstone
    Marriages to be strong and protected; hospital ministry to grow, wisdom and direction for a new Bible study in Libuyu; Bible college semester.
    – Pastor Bernard & Maggie Ntalasha
  • Romania | Sfantu Gheorghe
    Thanksgiving for what God has done in our church. Pray for new Body members and leaders to grow in grace; unity in vision; growth in His mission; healings; mercy for expecting moms; Pastor Attila & Krisztina Bakonyi.
    – Pastor János & Eszter Péterfai
  • Romania | Sfantu Gheorghe
    Summer events; people coming to visit us; spiritual growth and discernment in the Body; souls; God is working, even when we don’t see it.
    – Ádám Szabó
  • Moscow,_Russia
    Russia | Moscow
    Outreaches; disciples; Kaliningrad church and our visit there, Aug 18-21; unity in the church in Kazan; our businessmen and their business; anointed Word.
    – Pastor Vladimir Teplov
  • St. Petersburg
    Salvations; preaching the whole counsel of God; believers to receive it.
    – Pastor Aleksei, Olga Tim & Eva Bratsev
  • Ukraine | Cherkassy
    Trips to the city of Vinnitza; students and preparation for the Bible college semester; musical instruments for the worship team; provisions for Psyrnik, Telichko, and Miroshnik families.
    – Pastor Maxim & Natalia Volkoboy
  • Chile | Santiago
    A greater understanding of the truths of God for our lives; daily to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit to love His Word more; grace to be reflected in our actions; conference in Rancagua in October; evangelism, music, children’s, ladies’, and ministry to the married couples; new people for our congregation.
    – Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya
  • Peru | Lima
    Students during Bible college break; new students for the next semester; evangelism; Pastor Arturo and Blanca Costa, Peruvian pastors; conference in October; our ministry at ICS school.
    – Pastor Lajos & Mysheel Kerekes
  • China
    Mission trips in August; more Bible college students; more students for our new Christian school.
    - GG Missions
  • India | Hyderabad
    Bible college semester; students from remote villages to be edified, learn English and understand doctrines; plans for ladies’ dormitory; conference and graduation with Pastor Bryan in September; students to know God’s call and be committed; team members for branch ministries; new families to be strengthened; each member to use their gifts to edify the Body.
    – Pastor John & Savia Gago
  • Nepal | Kathmandu
    Church in Achan in western Nepal with 20 new believers; new works in Kailali, a suburb of Kathmandu called Chabel, in Pipal Dada village; healing for Pastor Suba in Makwanpur and Diane P.; housing for the Hope Family orphans and for Pastor Rajan’s family; spiritual growth for us all; more Bible college students.
    – Pastor Jon & Diane Post
  • Thailand | Mahachai
    Hearts to be ready for the next Bible school semester; deep and life giving fellowship; wisdom, protection for Body members under attack; Pastor Tin in Cambodia, his affiliation with us.
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Raina
  • Bangkok
    Body members to learn to minister to others; churches in Bangkok, Nontaburi and Chasoengsao; preparations for Bible school year; new students and teachers; Da and Dennis to have jobs and be able to go to Bible school; God to give us two new men and women disciples; leaders to be raised up; Lui’s salvation; 10-year-old Mack to grow in faith; plans for Dec. 2-6 conference.
    – Pastor Arm & Tukata Akarataweethong
  • USA | Miami, FL
    Pray for people to receive the revelation of the Body life; more space and teachers for our growing Sunday school; men to be raised up to become pastors; need more team members. God is moving here in Miami.
    – Pastor Ken & Cynthia Feyers
  • Searsmont, ME
    We are praying and hoping to begin a learning center for 2- to 4- year olds this year which would lead into a K-12 Christian School in years to come. We are taking steps to establish a homeless shelter in the Mid Coast area of Maine. With God nothing is impossible.
    – Pastor Peter & Kim Sheff
  • York, PA
    Souls to be saved; people to become disciples; discernment regarding spiritual warfare; divine reversals for some of our young people; advance and fruitfulness for our outreaches; God’s healing hand on Pastor Duke.
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • Canada | Montreal
    Outreaches in Montreal and Toronto; we need a youth leader; God to add disciples to us this summer; leading for a new building; our family.
    – Pastor James & Jill Dadidis
  • Toronto_Verano
    JULY 2016 - Good News in Toronto
    I gave 450 Gospel tracts and 200 Jesus movies to Muslims in Toronto and Mississauga in May and June. Pray for everyone who received these tracts and movies. People watching my Bible teaching videos are increasing on Facebook. I have received a good response; there are hundreds of Afghans and Iranians watching these videos. Pray for each one of them, believers to grow in faith, and those who are seekers to come to Christ. I am planning to reach out to Muslims in the month of Ramadan; please pray for good opportunities. The Greater Grace Montreal team is coming to our city of Mississauga for a one day street evangelism and fellowship; please pray that we have a fruitful time with them.Pray also for our Friday worship meetings. We are three families, and we call this fellowship the Greater Grace Fellowship in GTA Toronto.
    – Pastor Obaid & Tarana
  • USA | Lake Worth, Florida
    Our deepest prayer request is to see more souls come to Christ in our new church neighborhood; dedication of our building July 10; workers for the harvest; Sunday school and nursery; health needs for Pastor Foster, Lynne, Sherry, and a diagnosis for Cathleen.
    – Pastor Jeff & Cathleen Brunty
  • Lee | massachusetts
    Pray for equitable sale of our church building and for a place to rent; finances of our members and of the local assembly as a whole; fruitful outreach at our local Farmers’ Market with bracelets and tracts and in personal evangelism; healing of Laura, Charla and Barbara; our youth to be built up and sent out.
    –Pastor David & Karen Stambovsky
  • Utica | New York
    Outreaches; souls to be saved; many to join in new ministries; discernment to use every opportunity as we interact with people; students to remain engaged in the ministry and encouraged in the Lord; Bible college; our pastors and families; health of the Body; finances and employment for those in need.
    – Pastor Kevin & Rene Lewis
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    Pastor Drew’s trip to the Philippines in September; Bible college classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays; outreaches in the area; Bible study in the Middle Tennessee State University; vision for Murfreesboro and beyond as Murfreesboro is the one if the fastest growing cities in the States.
    – Pastor Drew & Annette Wileczek
  • Pastor Chris Moore
    Houston | Texas
    Our move to Houston right after Convention. We have 5 families on the team and a church that has been birthed there in the last 6 months. Pray for P. Kyle Benoit and his family as he takes over the church in Philadelphia. Heb. 10.35, cast not away your confidence.
    – Pastor Chris & Gosia Moore
  • Greater Grace Day of Prayer
    Summer redeemed by God; outreaches in Baltimore; harvest teams ministering in 28 countries; church camps and conferences; graduates to be directed in their calling; special family times over summer; momentum in churches; protection and covering for all travels.
  • albania map
    Albania | Tirana
    Mediterranean Conf. Aug. 1-6, followed by a weeklong mission trip to the Balkans. Pray for team members and divine appointments; Endri Kanina’s visa interview to attend MBCS for a year; his family and finances.
    – Pastor Dennis & Jayne Hulett
  • Cyprus | Limassol
    Harvest of souls; we go out in the early morning and late at night when people are out and about; opportunities as we visit a nearby refugee camp each week. Thank you for holding this precious work up in prayer; we see God working.
    – Pastor Larry & Bev Speedy
  • Sweden | Stockholm
    July 12-14 outreach to Copenhagen; July 15-18 church 40th anniversary celebration; pray also for the fall; more disciples and Bible college students; wisdom in planning to use our time wisely.
    – Pastor Mikael & Taina Toll
  • Sweden | Ludvigsborg
    Pray for the ministry and growth here in Ludvigsborg. Thank God for the recent salvations in the meetings.
    – Magnus Gustafsson
  • children of grace logo
    Children of Grace
    Please pray for new orphans that arrived in Benin and several new children in our orphanage in Iganga, Uganda.
    – Linda Scibelli
  • Ghana | Kakasunaka
    Building of roof over our chapel; ladies fellowship to be strong; more Bible college students; plans to plant a church in Tadzewu at Volta region with Isaac Quansah.
    – Pastor Seega & Angela Morckli
  • Finland | Helsinki
    July 14-16 Youth Camp; outreaches to different cities in Finland; July 21-24 summer conf; Pukinmaki week Sept. 12-18 with special events and outreaches in our church neighborhood; covering and protection for our Iranian friends both here and in Iran.
    – Pastor Juha & Tuikku Haatanen
  • Finland | Tampere
    Healing for an elderly lady from a very difficult asthma. We are grateful for a growing Internet audience and their feedback.
    – Pastor Matti & Ritva Himanka
  • Russia | Tyumen
    Divine guidance for our summer; fervency; genuine hunger for the Lord; salvation; healing in the lives of Body members; finances to pay off our church facility by December. Come and visit!
    – Pastor Pavel & Marina Gailans
  • Russia | Vyborg
    Pray for our mission in the Sovetsky village; our team member Anya; covering and finances for our international children’s music camp July 27– Aug.7.
    – Aleksandr & Nadezhda Ignatev
  • Serbia | Belgrad
    Our move to Serbia at the end of July; to preach and teach Jesus Christ and His Finished Work in the spirit of Greater Grace. Pray for financial support; a house to rent; transition details; home schooling and covering for our children David and Elizabeth; a humble heart and an open ear to God’s voice for team members; disciples; life transforming ministry to the Balkans; covering for summer harvest team with P. Dragan and Andrei in August.
    – Pastor Tomas & Eva Bulicek
  • Ukraine | Odessa
    Church camp July 30-Aug. 6; vision and wisdom for teen ministry; health of our pastor; need for new church premises; ministry in the Vinnitsa city; evangelistic trip to Moldova.
    – Pastor Aleksander & Tatyana Tkachuk
  • Nicaragua | Managua
    Pray for a smooth transition here with handing the ministry over to Jose Maria; financial support for him and his wife; Greater Grace Church and the much needed grace message to continue here in our absence; souls to be saved and discipled; our move back to the States at the end of July; our finances and health.
    – Pastor Ken & Kiti Davis
  • Ghana | Takoradi
    New church plant in Ketan, BU; more Bible college students for next semester; weekly outreaches; souls to be won and added to church; finances to complete our church building in BU.
    – Pastor Henry & Yeleyon Nkrumah
  • Pastor-Emil-Conan-Zamcon-2016
    DR. Congo | Lubumbashi
    Disciples to grow for the Lord’s work; Bible college at a new location; church property is on sale by the owner, pray for the will of God for us either to move out or buy it; start of elementary English classes.
    – Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba
  • DR. Congo | Kinshasa
    Pray for provisions for our churches and pastors; new target areas; Bible College open semester.
    – Pastor Isaac & Nancy Saidi
  • Kenya | Kisii
    Church registration; funds to buy a plot for the church and build on it; orphans in our church.
    – Pastor David & Ruth Kenyanya
  • Kenya | Nambale
    Stand with us in prayer about our conference on August 18- 21; finances for it.
    – Pastor Joseph Okana
  • Pastor-Nemo-and-wife-Zamcon-2016
    Mozambique | Maputo
    The vision to be made clear in the hearts of new disciples; protection for Body members against warfare; anointing on the pulpit; more disciples to attend Bible college next semester.
    – Pastor Jerónimo & Lebo Nhamahango
  • South Africa | Pretoria
    Our new one-year youth program in Bible college to teach computer and business skills as well as a foreign language to help young people; finalization for the land we applied for the church in Nellmapius; new outreaches in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
    – Pastor Jabulani & Buyi Zwane
  • Zimbabwe | Harare
    Pray for Christine Timofte’s pregnancy; Bible college registrations; online media outreach; health of P. Renaldo’s wife; favor with immigration; new souls and disciples.
    – Pastor Renaldo & Charity Brown
  • Nepal | Kathmandu
    New students from the remote parts of Nepal; radio ministry with 3,000 Bible correspondence students to complete their course; leaders Laba, Krishana Lal, Sameer, Hari, Subash and Ganesh; P. Jon Post, health of his wife Diane; P. Rajan and his family to get a place to live on their own.
    - Pastor Rajan & Indu Neupane
  • South Korea | Seoul
    Pastor Steve DeVries as he returns from his one-year sabbatical in America; Seoul outreach the first week of August; East Asia Conf. August 9-13; mission trip to Japan after that. Pray for God to send team members to co-labor with us in Korea.
    - Dan Dunbar
  • Canada | Montreal
    Outreaches in Montreal and Toronto; we need a youth leader; God to add disciples to us this summer; leading for a new building; our family.
    – Pastor James & Jill Dadidis