Please join us in prayer. We pray for missionaries, churches and the work going on around the world. For health, growth, opportunities to minister to people in need. For vision, safety in the ministry, for laborers to join the harvest, and for God's will to be done.

    - GG Missions
  • ARGENTINA | Rosario
    Pray that our brothers and sisters from Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Cuba will be able to come to Lamcon May 2-7 here in Rosario. We are praying that you could come, too.
    – Pastor Stan & Karen Collins
  • 1.Peru
    PERU |Lima
    Bible college teachers and students; evangelism; P. Lajos and Mysheel at the International Christian School; teachers, students and their families; May 19-24 Lima conf. with Pastor Stan; Jhimmy Carranza, our missionary in Argentina; young Bible teachers and servants. 
    – Pastor Arturo & Blanca Costa
  • Greater Grace Prayer Day
    Faith Promise Night May 26; college and high school graduations; graduates and their plans for their futures; Convention preparations; wisdom and direction for the summer; fruitful harvest trips; clear leading on which countries to target.
  • ALBANIA | Tirana
    Summer harvest; Mediterranean conf.; our time in the USA for June convention; men in leadership as they take on more of the oversight of the church. 
    – Pastor Dennis, Jayne & Ruth Hulett
  • FINLAND | Tampere
    Smooth transition to our new pastor, Veijo Vaalanti; team of people to be called to work with him here in Tampere.
    – Pastor Matti & Ritva Himanka
  • FRANCE | Montpellier
    Christian school; possibly adding the middle school in the fall; university and church neighborhood outreaches; discipling of young men; men’s dorm; protection for Yousra, a young Tunisian woman, taking Bible classes online; a work to start in Tunisia; new churches in French speaking countries; revival in France.
    – Pastor Yohann & Angela Pepe
  • HUNGARY | Pécs
    An assistant pastor and team members to join us; soulwinning and follow up; disciples to be raised up; youth ministry; teenagers to grow in faith; unity and love in church families; unsaved husbands to get saved and become disciples; our personal schedule and inner room life. 
    Pastor András & Viki Bartha
  • 2.Poland
    POLAND | Warsaw
    Church growth, Bible school; new radio program; big events before us: July 15-21 conf. in Szczyrk; wisdom, guidance and provision for Eurocon 2018 preparations in Warsaw. 
    Pastor Maciek & Renata Knechiak
  • SERBIA | Belgrade
    Divine interventions for the slow and complicated visa procedure for our family; renting of a meeting room for Sunday services, Bible school, and Kids Club; Summer Camp.
    – Pastor Tomas & Eva Bulicek
  • SWEDEN | Stockholm
    Leaders and teams to minister in Stockholm, Uppsala and Karlhamn; July 13-16 conf. in southern Sweden with an outreach to Copenhagen, Denmark; men to be both challenged and encouraged to step up and be leaders; trip to Riga, Latvia in May.
    – Pastor Mikael & Taina Toll
  • UK | Chester
    Church growth; young people to get saved; disciples; wisdom with schedules; decisions about the future of our Christian day school; health and salvations for family members.
    – Pastor Alastair & Cathy Craddock
  • 3.izmir
    TURKEY | Izmir
    Capacity and funds to study Turkish; health of our children: Paige, Hazel and Roger; a school for Paige and Hazel and their transition; disciples and opportunities to share the Gospel with our contacts and friends; team members joining us in the summer. 
    – Roger & Liz Robbins
  • TURKEY | Istanbul
    Laborers to be called to this harvest field; wisdom as millions are looking outside of the Islam for answers; our pursuit in learning Turkish; recent visitors to church; work in Izmir, Bilecek, and Istanbul; May gathering in Arvalya for discipling believers.
    – Pastor Roger & Elwira Robbins
  • 06.Turkmenistan_mary_Toyli
    Church growth; open hearts for the Gospel; fruitful village and farm outreaches; jobs for believers; Bible Institute; raising up of servants; provision for Pastor’s family.
    – Pastor Toyli & Maysa Annamuhamedov
  • UZBEKISTAN | Samarkand
    Training of young ministers Ilgis, Shahboz, Ildus, Gayrat, Otash, Anvar, Amirshoh and Bahodir; our capital city Tashkent; outreaches around the country. 
    – Pastor Toir & Mahfuza
  • INDIA | Bangalore
    Precious Stone School; Sunday school; plans for summer evangelism; completion of our church building; youth pastor; people considering new mission fields; health for the elderly.
    – Pastor Bryan & Marina Coelho
  • INDIA | Hyderabad
    Church growth; protection for the team in Balaji Nagar; more Bible college students; preservation of dorms and chapel; inspiring Gospel messages; more disciples; grace healings; protection and wisdom.
    – Pastor John & Savia Gago
  • INDIA | Saidabad
    Discipleship training; main hall construction; no objection from neighbors; salvations; church growth; unity; right decisions; divine provisions. 
    – Suresh Pallete
  • NEPAL | Pokhara
    Church leaders James, Gokarna, Suraj, and Roshan; Bible college; home Bible studies in Dhunge Khola, Shanti Tol and Main town; weekly outreaches, monthly evangelism with the whole church; healing for Jagat, Kalpana, Ramu, and Chandra; affiliate churches in Bajung, Buddi Bazaar, Janta Chautara, and Utsah; our family of 6. 
    – Pastor Narj & Sharmi Gurung
  • Digital StillCamera
    PHILIPPINES | Dumaguete
    To secure our current Sunday service facility to be a permanent place for church; more Bible college students; leader for children’s ministry; women’s fellowship; vision to reach our neighboring towns and start Bible studies in Valencia, Sibulan, and Dauin. 
    – Pastor Manny & Molly Harrison
  • THAILAND | Bangkok
    Spiritual protection; ability to manage time and work, ministry and family priorities; divine love; wisdom for leaders Pastor Arm, Ed, Jirat, Kob, and John; finances for renovations; people to be drawn in; discipleship of new believers; kids’ ministry; Bible college teachers and students; more translators, musicians, and AV technicians; outreach to Chasoengsao in May; Bible Fest Banquet in June. 
    – Pastor Arm & Tukata Akarataweethong
  • USA | Elgin, IL
    Pray that we would faithfully live the Gospel; volunteers for Love Elgin Day; many to be drawn to church that day; health and recovery for Barbara, Marlo, Norma, and Karen.
    – Pastor Jack & Nicole Wheatley
  • USA | Searsmont, ME
    Pray for a man with a pastor’s heart and a desire to be mentored to join us; every seat in our sanctuary to be filled this year; many to discover the love of God; revival to sweep through the re-entry program in Belfast; weekly Food Pantry ministry to 50 to 60 mostly unchurched families reaching 500 - 700 people over the month. To God be the glory, great things He has done and is doing. 
    – Pastor Peter & Kim Sheff
  • USA | Pittsburgh, PA
    Plans for summer outreaches and special events; God to add hungry hearts to our congregation; wisdom for Pastor Ron; Body members with health challenges.
    –Pastor Ron & Michele DeLouis
  • USA | York, PA
    Church growth; understanding of the times, 1 Chron. 12:32; discerning spiritual warfare, Rev. 12:17
    . – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • USA | York, PA
    Bible Club children and their families; church families; covering for Bible college students. 
    – Pastor Jay & Ann-Marie Estabrook
  • TANZANIA | Ngara
    Our 4-day conf. in Ngara Mjini; June conf. at Bukirilo; flooring and plastering of Ngara Mjini church; need a hundred plastic chairs
    . – Pastor Davis & Ebby Shyogotera
  • UGANDA | Nsambya
    Christian school for our children; church growth and activities.
    – Pastor Emmy Natukunda
  • UGANDA | Nebbi
    An open door for the Gospel of grace in Arua; provision for our orphans; piece of land for church. 
    Pastor Alfred & Janet Ochoun
  • CANADA | Toronto
    Growth of Afghan and English churches; outreaches to Afghans and Iranians; Facebook and YouTube followers to growth; Bible college students in India taking classes; visa to visit Afghan churches in Netherlands, Germany & France; visa to attend GGWO convention; better job for Tarana. 
    –Pastor Obaid & Tarana
  • DOWNLOAD | April PDF
    - GG Missions
  • 1.DR Congo
    D.R. CONGO | Lubumbashi
    Bible college semester; new people to join our church; healings; grace to be grasped and seen; youth to continue soulwinning and growing; English school to continue with more students.
    . Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba
  • UGANDA | Iganga
    Ministry growth in the rural areas of Eastern Uganda; more Bible college students; evangelism teams to be strengthened as they traverse the local community with the gospel; salvations; finances for our Christian School and Pregnancy Resource Center.
    – Pastor David Kisaame
  • ZIMBABWE | Harare
    Bible college semester; health of P. Daniel & Christine’s baby, Olivia; Bible study in Chitungwiza; P. Renaldo’s travel schedule this year; Charity’s health. 
    – Pastor Renaldo & Charity Brown
  • Greater Grace Prayer Day
    Preparations for Easter with messages, outreaches, and drama presentations; seniors in high schools and colleges to finish strong and be led by God for the next phase in their lives.
  • ZAMBIA | Lusaka, Emmasdale
    Finances to make church benches; ZamCon April 21-23; church rentals; discipleship; missions; our country’s poor economy.
    – Pastor Belias & Grace Bwalya
  • MALAWI | Lilongwe
    Pray for our conf. and graduation April 14-16; many Malawians to save the funds to travel to Zambia conf.; P. Albert Ntalasha’s wedding in May; our dear brother Pastor Jabulani from South Africa who lost his beloved wife in December.
    – Pastor Chris & Julie Arman
  • USA | Miami, FLA
    Praise report: God is moving; new families are coming to church; children’s ministry is growing; we got more teachers. Pray as we start intensive Bible college courses and the 7 Footsteps Program; faithful disciples to be raised up. 
    – Pastor Ken & Cynthia Feyers
  • USA | St. Petersburg, FLA
    We ask for souls; God to bless our efforts and help us to be all that He desires us to be; personal and numerical growth; freedom from constraints of health, finances, time, distances and spiritual resistance from the other kingdom. We are a few with big hearts and a desire for the Lord. 
    – Pastor Chris & Angela McFarland
  • USA | Dorchester, MA
    How good, how blessed for the saints to dwell together in love. We are just happy to be a part of this meaningful Body. Pray for God to continue to give us people with a zeal for ministry.
    – Pastor Joel Samuel
  • USA | Lee, MA
    The sale of our building; a suitable and strategically situated rental space for our meetings; new people to join us; a fresh vision for the spring; need a Sunday school director and a youth leader. 
    – Pastor David & Karen Stambovsky
  • 2.bailey
    USA | Marlborough, MA
    Pray for the Easter play, our biggest outreach of the year; we hope to meet 500 people; Bible college classes as we look to expand; asking and believing God for people to be healed of cancer.
    – Pastor Bailey & Jessica Norman
  • USA | Silver Spring, MD
    Praise report: Thank you for praying; our church got a permanent building. 
    – Pastor Kim & Kayce Shibley
  • USA | Utica, NY
    Our growing Bus Ministry; more bus drivers; monthly Bus Ministry outreaches; soft hearts and open ears as we reach out; new families and visitors; June missions event; health of the Body, healing for Karen after triple bypass surgery; wisdom in daily ministry; provision for all ministry needs; supernatural energy for leadership; marriages to be strengthened; young people to hunger and thirst for truth and have a heart for souls; all of us to remain focused, to bear much fruit, and make an impact in Utica.
    – Pastor Kevin & Rene Lewis
  • UK | SE London
    Outreaches over the Easter season; souls to be saved and added to church; April 28-30 conf. with Pastor Colban, culminating with Bible college graduation. 
    – Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
  • CYPRUS | Limassol
    Services; Bible studies; Bible college; spiritual growth; fruit bearing Christians available to God; Cypriots to be drawn to God and church as we share the Word with them; A & K growing in understanding as they attend daily Bible studies.
    – Pastor Larry & Bev Speedy
  • RUSSIA | Kaliningrad
    Wisdom for Elders; head pastor for our church; comfort; healing; protection; strengthening; growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord through the Bible and in discipleship; wisdom in evangelism in light of the new restrictive laws; provision and guidance for the Bensen family.
    – Scott Bensen
  • RUSSIA | Tsimlyansk
    Development of music ministry; finances for mission and conference travels. 
    – Pastor Mihail & Elena Loginov
  • RUSSIA | Vyborg
    Church services; need for a music leader and financial support; youth camp July 24-30. 
    – Alexander & Nadia Ignatev
  • SWEDEN | Ludvigsborg
    Summer harvest plans to go to Norway and Copenhagen; conference in Ludvigsborg; Bible study with a new Christian from Afghanistan in Vittsjö. 
    – Pastor Magnus & Judy Gustavsson
  • SWITZERLAND | Geneva
    Paul and Laety are here with us; Sunday evening prayer time lead by Paul; Saturday outreaches around the church; vision for the new urban railway ministry; how to prepare to touch tens of thousands of commuters who will use this modern transporta- tion starting in 2019, one of the main stations will be a hundred yards from the Church. 
    – Cristian & Priscilla Martinez
  • 3. Chile
    CHILE | Santiago
    Pray for a place to have our meetings; to grow in grace and knowledge; mission support; visas, tickets, safe travel to go to Baltimore convention; people to respond to the Gospel, to get saved, and become part of the Body.
    – Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya
  • ECUADOR | Quito
    Evangelism to reach more souls; work and resources for the Pastor’s family; wisdom and direction for the church; provision to visit Baltimore convention in June
    . –Pastor Juan & Norma Franco
  • ISRAEL | Haifa
    Spiritual atmosphere; open doors for outreach; friends and acquaintances.
    – Pastor Roman & Elmira
  • INDIA | Borivali
    Over 600,000 people live in our Mumbai suburb; our outreach team has been sowing seeds in different areas each week. Pray for people to be drawn to Christ and added to church; guidance, wisdom and an open door for our May mission trip to Assam in NE India; health and protection for Pastor and family.
    – Pastor Shekhar, Arti, Aradhana & Adarsh VM
  • 4.Thailand
    THAILAND | Mahachai
    Raising up of counselors who can reach people with the truth in the character of God; the cross to deliver people; wisdom for Pet and Cee; mission trip to Battabang, Cambodia; scouting new areas for a church plant.
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Raina
  • THAILAND | Mae Sot
    Praise God for the new building right in the heart of Mae Sot; pray for anointed Bible studies, evangelism, visitations, study time; God to move in Oat, Visanu, Gaiphop, Sompoat, Suchart, Nick, Aek, and Keet; traveling mercies and protection.
    – Alexander Totiensri
  • SOUTH KOREA | Seoul
    A new vision for Christian education in our church; a new place to live once the lease expires in May; blessing upon our new North Korean Bible class students at Yeomyung School; salvations in our various Bible studies and ministries; God to bless our newest 7-week Bible college semester and students.
    – Dan Dunbar
  • PHILIPPINES | Manila
    Pastor Drew’s visit in April; more ministries interested in the message of grace and the Finished Work; a Sunday school teacher for our growing number of children; discipleship; Holy Week evangelistic retreat.
    – Pastor Clyde Dela Calzada
  • 5.JapanA
    JAPAN | Yokosuka
    An abundant harvest of souls to be won to Christ as we reach out in the cities of Yokosuka, Yokohama, and Tokyo; Bible studies; disciples; wisdom; team members; printed material; Bibles in Japanese; a Greater Grace Church to be established in Japan.
    – Tom & Nataliya Chung
    Grace Moments in Malawi
    Across from my parents’ home, there is an office of one of the national radio stations. When a friend visited us last year, he encouraged us to inquire what it would take to be on that station given its scope and convenience. We thought we could never be able to afford it as a church, but we asked in faith. It turned out that it wasn’t as much as we thought and after negotiating the price, God put it on a company’s heart to support the whole program for one year. Now we are live on the radio every Tuesday in a prime time from 7:00 - 7:30 pm reaching the whole country of Malawi with the message of grace, receiving texts and questions from different parts of the country.
    – Pastor Chris & Julie Arman
  • Uzbekistan
    Means for many of us to go to the Central Asian conference in Kyrgyzstan, Aug. 1-6; outreaches in villages; more souls to get saved; new believers.
    – Pastor Toir & Mahfuza
  • Greater Grace Day of Prayer
    For summer harvest teams; our leaders’ travels; city and neighborhood outreaches; protection and blessings for families on their holidays and summer visits; Camp Life; Bible College enrollment and preparation.
    - GG Missions
  • Romania | Bucharest
    Summer in the Word, missions, reaching the lost; focus on resurrection life; many to attend conference in Vlahita, Aug. 1-5; new students for Bible school; thankful for our baby Xenia.
    – Pastor Mircea & Roxi Crucianu
  • UK | London
    Evangelism; fruit from the summer harvest; group visiting from Baltimore the first weekend of August; God to bless the UK conference, Aug 12-14, with Pastor Bruce Wright.
    – Pastor Tony & Joyce Morley
  • Uganda | Nansana
    August is a month of conferences: Pastors R. Brown and Jabulani are our guest speakers at youth conference, Aug 5-6; Grace Feast, Aug 7; pastors’ retreat, Aug 8-14; northern Uganda conference in Lira, Aug 13-14; Nambale, Kenya, Aug 19-21; and lastly Rwanda, Aug 23-25. Bible college starts Sept. 3.
    – Pastor Sam & Millie Muhima
  • Ghana | Ashaiman
    Young people to attend church; many to get involved in outreach; scheduling of a midweek service; more students from Ashaiman church to go to Bible college.
    – Pastor Francis Arhin
  • Ghana | Ashaiman New Town
    Believers to grow in their relationships with God; teenagers to have open hearts to know God more; Bible college enrollment; church in Newland Katamanso with Pastor Sunu; general elections in our country in November.
    – Pastor Lawson & Rejoice Doe
  • Ghana | Klagon
    Many souls to get saved and added to church; new people to join us from the church neighborhood; we need windows and doors for the chapel to make it more secure; construction of church offices; lives tobe transformed by the power of the Word.
    – Pastor John & Mary Jason
  • Ivory Coast | Abidjan
    Our churches are growing in grace and are full of joy; a new generation of missionaries to be raised up, Matt. 9:36-39; pray for peaceful elections in September; intensified summer Bible school, Aug. 22-Sept. 2.
    – Pastor Emile & Helene Konan
  • Mali | Bamako
    Evangelism; peace and security in Mali; God’s will for the church; new students for Bible school; a stable place for church; deep convictions for new members; spiritual maturity for disciples; our health and finances.
    – Pastor Koffi & Odette Tsikplonu
  • Uganda | Nebbi
    Covering for everyone coming to northern Uganda conference; finances to purchase land to build a chapel for the church in Angal.
    – Pastor Alfred & Janet Ochoun
  • DSCF8405
    Zambia | Lusaka
    Emmasdale church; women’s conference, Sept. 1-4; men’s leadership conference in October.
    – Pastor Belias & Grace Bwalya
  • Ghana | Klagon
    Many souls to get saved and added to church; new people to join us from the church neighborhood; we need windows and doors for the chapel to make it more secure; construction of church offices; lives to be transformed by the power of the Word.
    – Pastor John & Mary Jason
  • Kitwe-Church-at-Zamcon-2016
    Zambia | Kitwe
    Wisdom in leadership; motivation of team members; young men serving in the Body; finances and transportation to a new Bible study in Kakolo, 20 km from Kitwe church; disciples Paul, Lubita, and Allan. Thanking God for the grace response to our radio program that reaches Zambia and beyond.
    – Pastor Benson & Josephine Chinyanta
  • Zambia | Livingstone
    Marriages to be strong and protected; hospital ministry to grow, wisdom and direction for a new Bible study in Libuyu; Bible college semester.
    – Pastor Bernard & Maggie Ntalasha
  • Romania | Sfantu Gheorghe
    Thanksgiving for what God has done in our church. Pray for new Body members and leaders to grow in grace; unity in vision; growth in His mission; healings; mercy for expecting moms; Pastor Attila & Krisztina Bakonyi.
    – Pastor János & Eszter Péterfai
  • Romania | Sfantu Gheorghe
    Summer events; people coming to visit us; spiritual growth and discernment in the Body; souls; God is working, even when we don’t see it.
    – Ádám Szabó
  • Moscow,_Russia
    Russia | Moscow
    Outreaches; disciples; Kaliningrad church and our visit there, Aug 18-21; unity in the church in Kazan; our businessmen and their business; anointed Word.
    – Pastor Vladimir Teplov
  • St. Petersburg
    Salvations; preaching the whole counsel of God; believers to receive it.
    – Pastor Aleksei, Olga Tim & Eva Bratsev
  • Ukraine | Cherkassy
    Trips to the city of Vinnitza; students and preparation for the Bible college semester; musical instruments for the worship team; provisions for Psyrnik, Telichko, and Miroshnik families.
    – Pastor Maxim & Natalia Volkoboy
  • Chile | Santiago
    A greater understanding of the truths of God for our lives; daily to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit to love His Word more; grace to be reflected in our actions; conference in Rancagua in October; evangelism, music, children’s, ladies’, and ministry to the married couples; new people for our congregation.
    – Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya
  • Peru | Lima
    Students during Bible college break; new students for the next semester; evangelism; Pastor Arturo and Blanca Costa, Peruvian pastors; conference in October; our ministry at ICS school.
    – Pastor Lajos & Mysheel Kerekes
  • China
    Mission trips in August; more Bible college students; more students for our new Christian school.
    - GG Missions
  • India | Hyderabad
    Bible college semester; students from remote villages to be edified, learn English and understand doctrines; plans for ladies’ dormitory; conference and graduation with Pastor Bryan in September; students to know God’s call and be committed; team members for branch ministries; new families to be strengthened; each member to use their gifts to edify the Body.
    – Pastor John & Savia Gago
  • Nepal | Kathmandu
    Church in Achan in western Nepal with 20 new believers; new works in Kailali, a suburb of Kathmandu called Chabel, in Pipal Dada village; healing for Pastor Suba in Makwanpur and Diane P.; housing for the Hope Family orphans and for Pastor Rajan’s family; spiritual growth for us all; more Bible college students.
    – Pastor Jon & Diane Post
  • Thailand | Mahachai
    Hearts to be ready for the next Bible school semester; deep and life giving fellowship; wisdom, protection for Body members under attack; Pastor Tin in Cambodia, his affiliation with us.
    – Pastor Ryan & Jarunee Raina
  • Bangkok
    Body members to learn to minister to others; churches in Bangkok, Nontaburi and Chasoengsao; preparations for Bible school year; new students and teachers; Da and Dennis to have jobs and be able to go to Bible school; God to give us two new men and women disciples; leaders to be raised up; Lui’s salvation; 10-year-old Mack to grow in faith; plans for Dec. 2-6 conference.
    – Pastor Arm & Tukata Akarataweethong
  • USA | Miami, FL
    Pray for people to receive the revelation of the Body life; more space and teachers for our growing Sunday school; men to be raised up to become pastors; need more team members. God is moving here in Miami.
    – Pastor Ken & Cynthia Feyers
  • Searsmont, ME
    We are praying and hoping to begin a learning center for 2- to 4- year olds this year which would lead into a K-12 Christian School in years to come. We are taking steps to establish a homeless shelter in the Mid Coast area of Maine. With God nothing is impossible.
    – Pastor Peter & Kim Sheff
  • York, PA
    Souls to be saved; people to become disciples; discernment regarding spiritual warfare; divine reversals for some of our young people; advance and fruitfulness for our outreaches; God’s healing hand on Pastor Duke.
    – Pastor Larry Avignone
  • Canada | Montreal
    Outreaches in Montreal and Toronto; we need a youth leader; God to add disciples to us this summer; leading for a new building; our family.
    – Pastor James & Jill Dadidis