Go In with Your Coat of Many Colors

We must enter God’s presence. Let’s embrace and believe that we have favor with the Father. Shut off the strange voices of legalism, sensuality, and social rapport. Live in Him. (John 10:4-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Ken Feyers
Sermon # 11556
7:30 PM on 10/10/2018



P. Schaller

2 Cor. 4:12, this is a memory verse for you. You can work on it in your mind and heart. In which way does death work in us? What do you think? So then death works in us. The context here is about the death of the cross.

vs. 10. Death that works in us is the dying of the Lord Jesus. That could be summarized in a simple sentence he said in Gethsemane. You know what he said in Gethsemane. He prayed not my will but your will be done. The first Adam says my will be done and I get all the gusto. You only live once and I’m going to live. Jesus said not my will but your will. Your will. Whatever that might mean. When we say this in our heart in faith, we say God your will. He fills us with the Spirit, and death works in us. Our flesh doesn’t have any right to live. As we live in faith, the H.S. does this work. Death is working in me but life is working in you. You are loved. You are ministered to. We care about you. We lost our life but we gained life so life is here in this church.

There are people amongst us that we recognize as our brothers and sisters who we love them very much and sometimes we recognize that death works in them but life is working in us because of them. Because they follow God, God pours his life on us. Isn’t that great? Many examples could be given when people have trusted God in a dark hour. Lord, may you be glorified. This is not about me but it’s your – and then there is death works in them but life works in us. Isn’t that amazing?

Talk about it with your neighbor. Say death works in me but life works in you!

We’re going to run the microphone and ask these pastors to say – this will be hard for a pastor, almost impossible – literally two sentences or three sentences. Can that be done?


P. Chris Moore (Texas)

Wow! That’s the first sentence. The second sentence: what a blessing it is to be a part of this. Col. 1:12, I thank God he made me meet, not meet to eat but equipped to be partakers together with you. That’s the second sentence! Thank God I am meet to be a part of this. P. Mark M., I’ve only known him since Bible college! We were just talking that when we think of a work of God in a movement of God, there are always individuals or families to the point you made Pastor who have quietly had death worked deeply in their lives. I think of several families. The light is not really shined on them, just quietly serving and ministering. Much death worked in them and that reaps an awesome generation of Body life in an anointing. Does that make sense?


P. Schaller – Let’s all say to him: we live in Baltimore. Death works in us and life works in Huston. We’re touching Houston. We are a part of that.


P. Bruce Moon (Mexico City)

Thinking of the word “thankfulness.” I’m extremely grateful to the Body and our friends for so many years, thousands if you add it all up, each friend and even the young guys, too. God has done amazing things in Mexico City. We are extremely thankful it’s God’s grace in us working. That’s what grace means. He’s in us working his will. We are co-laborers with God in this. He doesn’t reject us or take into any account weakness or frailty. It’s his will be done in our lives in this world. His will will be done. Amen.


P. Schaller

In our hearts like he said we follow God and we don’t know what it means. Death works in us. I give it to the Lord. I get angry, bitter, alone, isolated, troubled and go to God and say God what good is it for me to be an angry miserable person? It doesn’t help Mexico City. Death works in me. I give it up. I surrender it and the dying of the Lord Jesus is working in me means death works in me and life works in Mexico City. I really believe that. These pastors that come together and think of their families and churches and think what God can do. I asked the Body to be praying these few days for what God will do up there. We want the H.S. to pour his blessing on us and lead us into what he has for us.


P. Stan Collins (Argentina)

I want to read one sentence. 1 Thes. 2:9, I want to give a shout out to my wife, Karen. Because I don’t know anybody whose life proclaims the gospel of God more than Karen. What a team!


P. Schaller

That’s awesome. Thank you, pastor.


P. Ken Feyers

We were having a service and we were honoring spouses that lost their husbands in war time and I was introducing the ladies. These are ladies that lost their husband in service and the little girl in the front row said which one, the 9 or the 11?! Let that settle in a little!!

It is mid-week but! We want to thank you for your prayers. I truly believe Miami doesn’t happen without the prayers of his people. We know it and go forth in it and appreciate it. We welcome it and thank you for it. It’s an amazing privilege to go before people hungry to hear God’s word. Words go forth and people’s lives start to get changed. Transformation by hearing the word of God. What a mystery that is. Hopefully that will be revealed why God chose that message.

Turn in your bibles this evening to Jn. 10:4-5. We serve a good God. Amen! Great Shepherd. Amen!

vs. 4-5, words are spoken and by those words spoken we get to know him. Words that we hear as sheep we get to know the voice of the Shepherd. What kind of words get us to know him? We hear good news, words of grace, and words of love. We hear words of forgiveness and mercy and by those words we get to know the Shepherd. We get to know him. What we know, we get to know him. Words are spoken and we get to know him. A stranger’s voice is spoken. It’s not that they don’t hear it. It says they don’t know him. The words spoken by a stranger they don’t know.

Words we get to know and words we don’t know because it’s being heard by the inner man, new creation in 2 Cor 5:17. This new creation has capacity to know the Shepherd and not know the enemy. Words of discouragement, negativity, condemnation, guilt. The new creation doesn’t know those words. It can’t. It will only know the words of the new creation. It won’t know any other words. The new creation doesn’t care to know the stranger’s voice. It only wants to know the voice of the Shepherd. The new creation dials in and picks up and knows. It knows who is speaking and a stranger they won’t even know it. We don’t care to know it. We don’t want to know the things of the world. Things that tell you how good you are and talented you are. It doesn’t benefit us. We don’t want to know where it is coming from. We only need to know words from the Shepherd. We need to hear he loves you. Even if you just sinned in the parking lot, he still loves you. He keeps going after you and seeks you. This amazing voice we get to know. The new creation is tuned into hearing that voice. It’s dialed in. Any other thing just falls right off.

vs 9. Come in through the gate, are saved and once they are saved, they go in and out. We go in and we go out.

1 Ki. 3:5-7, Solomon, – God asked him, what do you want? Solomon reflects a little and goes back in time and maybe he heard David say this to him. How he said my father walked in your ways and walked in righteousness and your mercy. You told him one day his son will also reign and sit upon the throne. Maybe Solomon heard David tell him that. At that time, it didn’t matter because dad was still there. Now, David has died and that time is present.

Two things Solomon does. We do this a lot. He disqualified himself. He said I’m just a youth. Boy, do we do that as believers. Let God touch you with something on your heart and you have a list of why you can’t. I’m too this or that. It becomes a long list of what we can’t do. The next thing he says was I don’t know how to go out and I don’t know how to come in. Isn’t that amazing!

Look what Jesus says here in vs. 9. The going in and the coming out is always through the door. We don’t go in and come out any other way. Here it says they go in and come out. Solomon says I don’t know how to come out and go in. It’s backwards. We can’t go out unless we learn how to come in. It’s all about coming in. It’s all about getting before God and hearing from him and living in the presence of our Father. We learn and we hear about the finished work. We hear about his mercy. This is why we come in. This is why we come to Baltimore. We come in to hear and get built up and know about God.

We get before him, we come boldly to the throne room of grace in Heb 4:16. to obtain grace and mercy in time of need. We keep coming in and going to our Father. How much he loves you and forgives you. He puts his mercy on us. He daily loads us with benefits. We learn who we are in Christ by coming in. We learn our identity. Our mind becomes sound. We learn to shut off any other sound or voice by coming in. We go out and pour out what we received coming in. We’re dry and come in again. We keep coming in and going out. What we receive by coming in, we pour out to those as we go out.


P. Schaller

I got to speak on that. Isn’t it good!

Jn 10, I was thinking as he was speaking of someone who has a job at a garage or factory and they have a family maybe. They get in their mind discouraged and they go out and come back in but go out with some kind of discouragement in the morning and come back into their home with some kind of general lethargy, discouragement.

Solomon when he became king, he said to God I don’t know how to go out or come in. How can I lead these people? That was about time wise 900 B.C. About 900 years later, Jesus said to the disciples I’m the Shepherd and you’ll hear my voice and you’ll be able to go in. He said he reversed it.

First thing we need to do is come into the holy of holies and meet God or be an object of grace. Another thing I heard was something I feel you really need to get ahold of. Very simply it is “I am Joseph and my father gave me a coat of many colors”. Say that with me. How many brothers did he have? 11. What did they get? Nothing. They did not get a coat of many colors.

That’s how many think. I am not Joseph. I don’t have a coat of many colors. I just work at the factory. I go out and come in. Many stranger’s voices I hear in this world. They are everywhere. They do not encourage me or love me. They do not resonate in me except I am guilty and discouraged and unable.

You came to service on Wednesday night. You become a Christian that in time and I believe we have to work on this. We have to start to embrace and believe “I am Joseph and I have favor with my father. My father has given me favor. Nobody loves me like my father loves me. My father has made me and given me a special coat”. This is the voice you must hear. I don’t care how many children you have, how many jobs, broken cars, mortgages you can’t pay, whatever you are dealing with in your life.

One brother, a friend of mine in Finland, passed away Sunday night. I’ve known him more than 40 years. What a great friend. His wife said he looked beautiful when he was dead. She said he looked like an angel. He had such contentment and peace. He had a beautiful countenance.

When I start to believe that my heavenly Father has decided nothing other than to make me an object of his grace and forgive me continually and love me always and never fail me or forsake me, then I am hearing the voice of my Shepherd. This Shepherd leads us in and out. With this sense, I go to Egypt and my father is with me. I go into the prison cell and my father is with me. I go into some other thing and my father is with me. This is the voice that resonates with your inner man. You are learning to believe I am an object of grace. This work of grace is about a message of grace, a Spirit of grace, a work of grace and it is abundant. It’s everywhere. The earth is filled with his goodness.

P. Texier said a sentence in Paris. By the way, P. Jay Esterbrook brought 24 people to Paris, 11 children from the hood in York, PA and some had never been out of York, PA and arrived in Paris. They are walking around like, these little young kids. They raised $10,000 for their trip. They are in shock seeing King Louie the XIV’s palace and many other things.

God is like this. He gives grace. He gives gifts. This is the voice of the Good Shepherd. The warning is there are stranger’s voices.

I thought of three of them. 1) Legalism. You should recognize that voice. That is legalism. That is not grace. That is bondage. That is not freedom. That is not my heavenly Father. That is the devil. That is I’ll never make it. I’m not good enough. I’m always a dollar short or a minute late. I’m always lacking something. That is the stranger’s voice. The Good Shepherd says you can do all things through me. I strengthen you. I will fill you with the Holy Spirit. I don’t condemn you. Go and sin no more. Peter is walking on the water like huge steps or spongy underneath. How is he walking? Then he realized where he was at and sank. So what. He sank. He is in the presence of God. So what. I’m in unbelief but I’m in the presence of God. God is perfect. God reaches down and picks up Peter and says, where is your faith? But man you did a great job. I’m adding that. Come on. Let’s go. Peter, you are the man. I am with you. Here is a coat of many colors. It’s not just for Peter, not just for Joseph. It’s for you and me. Start to believe that and think that way and enjoy it. Dance on the table tonight when you get home. Build up yourself and learn how to think in faith and know God is with you even if you have a measure of unbelief.

2) Sensuality. Allurement, seductive, allurement. I may go there but lie down in sorrow. I may live in some sin but it’s not freedom. I am a slave of sin. I don’t find joy. I find temporary pleasure or happiness that fades with guilt or condemnation. I want to go by faith not by my sensuality. I’ll live by faith and see what God will do.

3) Social rapport with people. We may sit with a group of people and just have a social rapport but never make any progress in a spiritual way. We sit in a church and have social rapport but I would like something more to happen.

Get up, Job. Stand on your feet. I have something for you to do Paul. I want to love you and minister to you and lead you into being a fruitful, blessed person. If you abide in the local assembly where the Holy Spirit is speaking to us, we find ourselves going in and out. Where can I get courage but the voice of the Shepherd? Follow me. Courage comes in faith. We go by faith and we find we go out. Solomon said I can’t go out. I was thinking I don’t want to go out. It’s scary out there. But Jesus says you will come into my presence and you’ll be able to go out. You’ll be able to stand in the presence of lions, before Pharaoh, before Felix and Agrippa and Festus and Caesar, before some authority.

That’s amazing for some of us timid people, people who would measure our lives by our own fears. I once was pastoring in Worchester, Massachusetts. I put an ad in the Pennysaver. Learn how to meditate. Call this number. Transcendental maybe or Buddhist. I was looking for these kinds of people. This woman on the phone said I’d like to talk to you. I said I’m a Christian pastor and I teach people to meditate in the Bible. She said I want to meet you. I gave her the address. She came to the house where we had that Bible study. She said I have agoraphobia. I’m afraid of open places. I said I think I can help you.

This is a beautiful thing we have. We have an authority from our heavenly Father and he said you hear my voice and are able to go in and also out. For the sake of the message tonight, it is simple. I believe that our heavenly Father hasn’t made us people that we would live subject to our fears and nature and temperament by the way we are brought up and think. God is able to give us the mind of Joseph. I’m special. I have a coat of many colors. I have a lot of grace. I have a living God who anoints us and leads us so we can go out and not live in our fear.

I think with the next couple days of the pastors meeting, there we will have these kinds of words together. We will be working on it and thinking about it and bringing it to our people and helping us live.

And say in our hearts, God is so much for me it would blow my mind if I understood how much he is for me. How much he looks past my sin and wants to help me and fill me. How much he wants to give to me abundantly. This is what we are living in and always want to recognize. He is the God of all grace. We are his people, the people of grace.


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