Thomas Schaller

<p>A pastor and missionary for more than 30 years, Pastor Schaller led the establishment of thriving churches and Bible schools in Finland in 1975 and Hungary in 1990. In April 2005, he was named Presiding Elder and Overseeing Pastor of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore, the home base church for... </p>

Steven S. Scibelli

<p>In addition to being the Vice President of the GGWO Board of Elders, Pastor Scibelli is the Director of Missions for GGWO. He has led teams to West Africa and East Africa. Today, the Greater Grace work in Africa includes more than 200 churches in over 20 countries. Currently, he... </p>

John A. Love

<p>Pastor John Love graduated from Stevens School of the Bible in 1984 with a three-year diploma in Pastoral Studies and was then ordained that same year as a Minister of the Gospel. He is the Youth Pastor of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland, where he has been working... </p>

Glen J. Cannon

<p>Missions has marked this man´s life since his graduation from Stevens School of the Bible 1985 and his ordination in 1988. He spent seven years in India and then five years in Azerbaijan, where he helped establish a strong Christian church and Bible college in a nominally Islamic culture. He... </p>

John J. Hadley

<p>This former Peace Corps volunteer serves as the Dean of Students for Maryland Bible College and Seminary. He is also the Director of biblical counseling at Greater Grace Church. He was a missionary to Ecuador for about six years and is fluent in Spanish. By God’s grace the church he... </p>