A Breath Against God

Men and women who are not Spirit-filled live in Absalom’s place. They have usurped authority outside of the position God has given them. A man must walk in the position God places him and in the place in the Body where God puts him. Otherwise, man is usurping authority above the plan of God. Satan is subtle, and he wants to condition us into being involved in the early parts of a conspiracy. With no definition and form in the beginning, our hearts may be moving from submission to God. We are either part of a conspiracy, or we are part of a Body against which the gates of Hell cannot prevail. We are either potentially part of a conspiracy, or we are walking in the light experiencing the Kingdom and growing in the fullness of our potential in God.

A conspiracy occurs when a person breathes against God. A hint of contempt can flourish into an all-out attack on the Kingdom of God. A mere breath against godly leadership, not even organized or mobilized as of yet, is the mental attitude of a conspirator. Satan has achieved his beginning to eventually fulfill the purpose of his plan when he gets a person to begin to breathe against God and against those whom God has appointed as delegated leaders. Satan will try to hold back the prosperity of an intensely active ministry with the breath of conspirators. Do not, in sentimentality or otherwise, be akin to breaths of conspiracy.

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