A Commanded Deliverance

It is one thing to know that we are victorious and another thing to know that the enemy is dead. Our enemies will always try to usurp our power so that we might be subject to a direction that is oriented toward death. They come to power on a false resurrection that can rise only as far as human elevation. There they begin to stimulate man to wrestle as he realizes the origin of these forces.

Man is confronted with a horizontal battle. By sight, it would seem appropriate to rid man's life of these enemies that he might exist freely in his environment. But the truth is that the devil is the prince of this world. Earth's atmosphere is the abode of his principalities and powers. Must the Christian then fight a continued battle? No, we must continually express the mind of Christ.

The devil wants us to fight with flesh and blood so that the battle will be natural vs. supernatural. But though we be earthly, we are filled with a heavenly life. Though we have an earthen vessel, we contain the treasure of Christ whose confession is more than a stated fact; it is a command of deliverance. So many Christians know about the victory and yet they continue to try to drive out what God has allowed into their lives, so they might pronounce death to its activities. Our only contact with the prince of this world is the confession of his defeat through the Word. We tread upon him and his forces under through the power of the Word.

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