A Display of Truth

It is one thing to be saved by the Word. It is quite another to be kept by that Word that you might enter into a Finished Work deliverance. Many people are inconsistent in their obedience to the Scriptures and do not live by every Word (Matthew 4:4).

We need to be saturated by the Word. The Word gives clarity, definition and meaning every time. When you are baptized unto the Word, you are one with God’s plan because you are in God in His purpose. Instead of being shaken by people in the situation, the Word hid within you makes you an operative vessel displaying truth. So many confess truth until a situation calls for the substance of that truth to be displayed. They are left suffering without substance.

When the Word does dwell richly, every moment becomes the birth of new life. Psalms are born, melodies are born (Ephesians 5:19), and a love attitude is born. The Word of God, the mind of eternity, brings a new birth of thinking into our mind. No longer are we downtrodden over our inadequacies to cope. But we are overwhelmed with our own worth and value in the sight of grace and our possibilities because of the Word.

Through the Word we are taken over by that which comes out from God. We become the mind, the plan, the character, the provision, and the expression of the Person of God. Through baptism in the Word, we become substance out of God.

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