A Faith Foundation

To stand fast on God's foundation, we need categories of doctrine-a divine index for precise thinking from divine viewpoint-in our soul. As we begin to understand how to establish the proper foundation, happiness comes in, joy comes in, and we are free and peaceful.

We are not to add to or take away from the Word of God. When we add jealousy or anger to a situation, we add a fleshly nature to replace God's nature. That is adding the wrong thing to the Word of God in our lives. When we take away from love, mercy, and grace, we take away from the nature of God's characteristics and His essence expressed in His Word.

Jesus Christ is the Living Word-the written Word made flesh through the Holy Spirit. When a person takes away from giving others God's love, mercy, and truth, he takes away from the essence of the living Word. To add anger is to add to the character of Christ something that is not from God.

Do you have a Bible absolute for every category of your thinking? Certainly, we use rebound immediately when we fail, and we recover purely by faith. But Bible absolutes in our thinking will preserve us and make us happy in every divine institution we encounter.

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