A Friend, through Thick and Thin

Afriend loves at all times. God loves us at all times; that is certain. Is there ever a time that you or I could have stopped God's love? No, because He loved us when we were yet sinners. He loved us when we didn't respond. He loved us when we failed, and He loved us dearly and sweetly. And after all of that, He loved us out of our failure. But if we fail again, He will keep on loving us.

In the end, God's love keeps us from failing in the same way, over and over again. God is not a "fairweather" friend. He never remembers one sin you or I have ever committed. In Jeremiah 50:20, people tried to search out the sins and iniquity of Israel and Judah. But He declares, "they shall not be found: for I will pardon them whom I reserve." In other words, neither Israel nor Judah have any sins according to God's record. Is that our attitude toward ourselves and each other? It is what God Almighty says. That is the Word of life. That is the Word of grace. That is the Word of God.

Oh, I thank God today that one of the dearest, most sacred things on earth is friendship-not conditional friendship but true friendship. I am so thankful for that.

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