A Habitation for God

We face two great alternatives today: we can choose to inhabit our weaknesses, our problems, or our personalities; or we can allow our bodies to become a habitation for Almighty God. The second choice allows us the privilege of living beyond our natural responses. It gives God an opportunity to reveal His initiations of life, His confidence, and His character.

When we are His habitation, we find complete rest. A house does not strive to make its occupants comfortable; it just rests upon its foundation and allows life to be produced inside. It does not worry about repairs because it knows the repairer will take care of everything.

God does more than inhabit time; He inhabits the plan of time. In Isaiah 57:15 the Word says, God inhabits eternity. If God inhabits eternity, why not let Him inhabit you?

Now, as the lights upon earth go dim, as the sun sets in the twilight of time, as history dawns with bleakness and the darkness of its potential with which it has been pregnant throughout its course, judgment comes upon the nation, because she is reaping what she has sown. As her Babylonian confusion becomes complex and complicated by reiteration and amplification of earth's sin, we can choose not to be passive or selfish, but to be a habitation for God.

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