A Hearing Investment

Learn how to listen. A person who invests his hearing in obedience to the initiations of God's revelations ends up with substance for faith in circumstances of the devil, who always tries to program the Christian in his emotions. There is not a single believer who Satan does not try to program by emotional stimuli. That does not mean you always react emotionally, but it is still your emotions reacting in some form. Whether or not you react outwardly or with inward fervency is not the point. Activity in the emotions which are not under the mind of Christ is reaction against God.

A person never sins who is satisfied with Christ. A person who lives in fear is so obviously not satisfied with God, because he would never live in fear if he was satisfied with God's love; for what is there to fear in love? People do what they do in who they are because of what they lack in Who He is. They have to live in the consequences of what they are lacking in what He has done by trying to substitute something they can do and forfeit grace given through what He is doing. And what is Christ doing? He is ever living to make intercession for us and will be faithful in His performance to fulfill what He requires of us.

Being not a forgetful hearer means that we are submissive to the Spirit in the Word, not merely acknowledging its content but living in the life of it and being its effect.

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