A House or Home?

Many Christians live in houses instead of homes. A house is where a person lives, eats, drinks, sleeps, etc., but there is no meaningful relationship with those who are living there. They never really get to know each other. Faces may be familiar, but the hearts are far apart. They do not really care and do not really share with each other.

Contrarily, a home is everything a house is, except there are many exchanges with each other and the love of God is present. Many people treat the word of God and Christianity like those in their house. They attend church for conscience sake instead of Calvary’s sake.

A child of God must decide to go beyond having a “house” for God. Rather, he starts to become serious about the Word of God.

He realizes that God wants to make His home inside him. Secondly, his body is the temple of the Spirit of the living God. He is knit together with Christ who begins to build a “spiritual” home in his soul.

The Holy Spirit quickens this believer with the Word of God that he has hidden in his mind (2). The home for God includes specific provisions from God for specific details. The Lord reveals that building a home with Christ in a person’s soul will go beyond any natural house that one may have erected.

Turn your house into spiritual homes where you enter into communion with Jesus Christ and His people.

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