A King Comes to Reign

It is imperative for people to be taught through the mercies of God. For it was through David's seed that the Savior came. Through the seed of mercy in our lives comes an incorruptible seed. Mercy brings in the personal reign of a King. This King has defeated death, defeated the soul and crucified every part of man, so that mercy can reign over all of Israel and not just part of it. Where mercy is not allowed to reign, we will never know Christ as King.

We may know Him as Savior, but we will never benefit from the power of the Throne as He is seated in Kingship. Christ in His Kingship is only born in a heart of mercy. Mercy prepares a place for the Son of God to be born in our hearts. Mercy cannot prepare a place in the house of Saul for a king to be born. Saul was not a son of David, therefore is not a type of the Son of Mercy. Solomon was David's son and, therefore, the Lord promised David that He would never remove from Solomon either His kindness or His Spirit, no matter how wicked Solomon was. For Solomon was a Son of Mercy, and mercy receives the results of grace in its reproduction of life.

The Throne of David was set up because of the decision of Abner (2 Samuel 3:21), which stands for the will of man. The will of man chose mercy and mercy reigned and gave the man a feast of victory. We must know mercy before we can experience a King, and we must experience the life of the King before we can enjoy the reign of the Throne.

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