A Leopard Changing Spots?

Enoch had a son born to him (Genesis 5:21), and this son, Methuselah, lived to be the oldest man. He, whom death could not vanquish, reproduced a man who broke all records with his life. Why did Enoch live and prosper as he did? He was of one soul and one spirit with God. There were no divisions to exhaust his emotions. There were no conflicts to tax his nerves. There were no problems to perplex his potential. He was one with God. God says that the leopard cannot change his spots, and Enoch agreed.

God said to Enoch, “I cleanse you by blood, you can walk in faith,” and Enoch agreed. God said, “Satan has no right to accuse you,” and Enoch agreed in his life experience. It is not an agreement without result. Many people agree that God is right, and then they live in defeat and depression. This is not true agreement. This is just the sound of vain words that are not one with the heart of God. Agreement means that you are one soul with God. Your agreement expresses the experience of the words with which you agree.

Enoch knew what it meant to walk with God because he was one with God in his walk. He did not waste time trying to change his spots or to correct his life. He just agreed and walked with God. To walk with God in togetherness means to be so one with what God says, that even when we falter, we rebound by agreeing with God about our failure and about what He did with it. God could not change failure, so He crucified it in order to change us.

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