A Life of Reward

Obedience to a prophet brings a prophet’s reward upon my life. I can receive for my life the same grace that the prophet has received from God. This means that through obeying the delegated authority of God, I reap what they have reaped from God. God’s delegated authority has been delegated the message of grace. I receive that message, and I receive the reward the prophet has received from God in that revelation.

How many people are self-appointed and live in frustrated difficulty because they are not submitted under the authority of God? They pay a price for their independent self-appointment. They have all kinds of heartaches because they are not receiving the prophet’s reward. They are not receiving the Body’s covering. The grace received as the prophet’s reward hides you in the Body. Hid in the Body, you allow Christ to baptize you in the Corporate cells of His life in experience.

You are hid in one another’s love. He has hid us in one another’s mercy, which we received as a reward for listening to the government’s message from the Head, Christ. In the Body we are hid in a cleansing.

We are hid from what we deserve from immaturity, from the results of our anxiety. In the Body, our reward for being in it is to be loved, covered, and protected by others through the Word of truth in the mercy of grace. We receive authoritative grace for our lives by being under a government of grace as our authority.

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