A Life That Speaks

Upon entering into a living organism, a corporate membership, one senses an atmosphere distinctly different. No longer is there an air of pressure forcing individuals to retreat and to submit to something other than God's choice of expression.

There is the presence of faith within which individuals express just who they are in Christ in the innocence of love. They find no confidence in themselves, but have great confidence in Him. Those dwelling in the silence of their soul feel uncomfortable in the Body as they contact those members who express exactly who they are. They are disarmed and realize that they too have a Person who has not been expressed. They are quickened with the thought of their opportunity to be who Christ has made them to be.

The prince of the power of the air wants you to regard yourself in terms of his stimuli. You see yourself in what he projects. As the author of confusion in the mind, Satan constantly has you in states of insecurity wherein you cannot trust your own character. His purpose is to prevent Christ from being expressed. People retreat into their souls in silence and the Lord is not ministered. Demons in actuality gather themselves together against the souls of the righteous. They know that it is through the soul that the thoughts, actions, and life of the Spirit are expressed. The human spirit quickened by the Holy Spirit sees its true portrayal in the expression of a soul submitted to the Lord.

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