A Love that Draws Near

Peter cursed himself when the rooster crowed. When we live in the curse of Adam, the rooster crows. When we twist and turn and have no peace, we hear the crows of the rooster. The rooster is always ready to crow. Though Peter withdrew, Jesus Christ drew near to Peter. Peter saw the eyes of love draw near because he had withdrawn.

Our withdrawal does not stop Jesus from drawing near. We allow Him to cause us to draw near so that the rooster does not crow for us. Love drew near again as they were in the boat fishing, as it prepared coals of fire for cold hearts and cold bodies. The two that were on the road to Emmaus (the road of wandering) met a Stranger. The Stranger was drawing near even though they had withdrawn in their hearts. The Apostle John, tired and old, on the Isle of Patmos, received a marvelous revelation because Christ draws near.

To know a God Who always will draw near is to know a God Who has a perfect plan. We are confident that He will perfect the work in us because He will always be faithful to draw near, even after we withdraw. In our frailties, weaknesses, and failures we can always rest in an eternal Lamb; One Who will always meet us where we are at as a Shepherd Who will never forsake the flock.

Even after the crow of the rooster, we see Christ as a faithful Shepherd. He is eternally the same as the Lamb, sitting on a Throne, with the humility to draw near and the power never to fail.

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