A Potential Blessing

The devil is constantly working to fulfill a plan while the Lord rests in the completion of a finished plan without thought of strife. The devil knows that the age is late and time is short for him to work upon the rationalistic and carnal mind of the Christian who dwells in the characteristics of his own self-life. This type of Christian is a person who has never received the liberation of Calvary. He lives occupied with himself and he never realizes the potential blessing within him. His life never goes beyond his emotions, his mind never goes beyond his own thoughts, and his single eye never goes beyond his own sight. He is so filled with himself that all he can discuss is himself and the problem and obstruction he becomes to himself, while trying to live the Christian life in some kind of acceptable manner. Instead of being consumed with a portion of Heaven, he lives below tilling his own lot.

There are two men, one is sick and the other is dead. One is experiencing what the other is heading toward. One feels bad and is having it rough, while the other has long since experienced the result of co-crucifixion. Jesus will never take your life though He crucified it. He will not take it, though He will not let you keep it. He has a positional truth that He reckons you are dead before you even experience it, so He can fellowship with you during the transition as you have a sickness unto death and no longer co-exist with your Adam.

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